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humanDAO are a team of aligned, OG Polygon builders. We were founded on the chain with our token launch in 2021 and continue to use it for all of our DAO operations and project launches. The Human Task Force (HTF) project is a web3-native gig economy platform built around a two-token economy. Our mission is to create equitable and sustainable opportunities in the digital economy, particularly for underserved communities.Leveraging Polygon's advanced blockchain solutions, the Human Task Force aims to bridge the digital divide and foster a more inclusive and empowered web3 community.Put simply, we help those with time to assist those with too much to do, and promote high quality outcomes with token incentives that align users, contributors, and the DAO. Our vision is to democratize access to blockchain technology, enabling diverse communities globally to contribute to and benefit from the digital economy. With Polygon's support to accelerate development and deployment of this platform, humanDAO and HTF can make a significant and lasting impact on lives around the world.
Raised: $20.573


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