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Mental healthcare should be accessible to everyone, anywhere for free 🥳The Social Challenge1 Billion people suffer from mental health disorders, including 14% of teenagers. 97% of people suffering in low-income countries don't have access to any solutions and ongoing support for Mental Health. This is called the Mental Health GAP.Why can't we help more effectively?Mental health NGOs waste up to 50% of their economic and human resources on making marketing for fundraising.🤐They become marketing agencies, not care providers.🔁 Most of the money is reinvested in FB/Insta/Google campaigns.👩‍🦯 No one knows how they finally use the money.What is HappyDAO?Alvaro Go from HappyDAO interviewed by BanklessDAO at ETH BCN 2022HappyDAO is making mental health care accessible for everyone for free. How is this achievable?By helping mental health NGOs fundraise with certified Happiness NFTs based on their social impact.Individuals can find the perfect Mental health NGOs on our platform.What do we do?Fundraising for Mental health NGOs with Certified Happiness NFTs.Connect individuals with Mental Health NGOs for free.Publicize NFT ranking of donors and investors supporting global happiness.Where are we now?We have been working on HappyDAO for the last 9 months and have accomplished the following:We have developed our Idea and a clear problem and solution linking to our social challenges, unhappiness, and mental disorder.We have a team that is skilled to develop the NFT platform and contribute to launching the DAO.The branding and website have been successfully completed. www.happydao.coCreating a mental health brand that is suitable as a web3 project.Milestones:Validation - Oct 2022: Interviews with Mental health NGOs to prove they need an alternative way to do fundraising base on their impact.Prototype - Oct 2022: Design Marketplace in Figma and example of Happy NFTs Certificates.MVP - Dec 2022: Develop the NFTs marketplace. In case we don't have more than 20.000$ for the development, we will launch the pilot in Doingud.Pilot - Jan 2022: raising 10.000$ for mental health NGOs partners.Public - March 2022: Launching our NFTs platform to the public.*Full Roadmap 2022-2024What would we do with your contributions?Development of HappyNFTs (Fundraising for Mental health NGOs)Development of the HappyDAO (A purpose-driven community developing the HappyDAO Platform)Events support (Gaining visibility and increasing networking)Our Happy Team 👭*(Sorry for those missing in the picture 😜)We are a passionate team with experience in web3 building dream projects and helping better the lives of people. All of us are really connected with mental health and supporting people around the world to feel better.We have a dedicated channel on discord where we work on meditation and team building (you are welcome).The core essence of a HappyDAO is in the happiness of the team.Team:Rohek Benitz - Graphic Designer - #NftCreator 🎨 #1Hive 🐝 #ShapeshiftDAO🦊 #AgaveAndrew Rhee - Tech Leader- Full Stack Developer & founder of Brands Unlocked (NFTs Protocol)Alvaro Go - Visionary and Marketing - Serial Entrepreneur:, Girao - Talent and Culture Leader - Ex-Greenpeace 🐼David Arias - Tokenomics - Tokenomic Modeling Analyst at MetacampusZahida - Communication and copywriterFilip Kordanovski - UX Designer - +13.000 UX Studens in Udemy.Alan Clement - Partnerships - Founder of The Art Universe and Managing director LATAM at ogitech.AdvisorsJohan Dubert - founder of (Social & Mental Health) Zeng - Human resources leader at (Web3) Perez del Val - Founder of Lola Market (Connections and funding) Troyen - Founder of GoPangea (Education and Social Networks) you want to join the happy force?Would you like to revolutionize fundraising in Mental Health NGOs?Donate in Giveth! We ❤️ you 
Raised: $255.231

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