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Grassroots Economics Community Currency
Grassroots Economicsseeks to connect people to their own abundance by supporting them in creating their own Community Asset Vouchers - which are blockchain based credit obligations backed by the goods and services of community groups in vulnerable communities in Kenya and growing to other countries.Our vision is of communities creating their own medium of exchange linked to local values and connected to other communities creating an emergent, healthy and decentralized economic system. Our work is also anchored in Syntropic Agroforestry as the basis for local economies and sustainable food production.We need help in testing, developing, integrating and maintaining open source software and documentation Please join us on our team and help us fund this really important work!Besides software development and support, we train organizations and communities around the world how to design, start and maintain community currencies - Your support also helps support new communities to develop their own programs.Contact us at
Raised: $19,542.012


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