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GRACEaid Earthquake relief
GRACEaid fundraising to support earthquake relief in Turkey & Syria...Early Monday morning, on the 6th Feb, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck the region around Gaziantep, Turkey and north-west Syria. This was followed by an aftershock of 7.5 later in the day, causing further devastation. At the time of writing, the death toll is estimated at more than 15,000 and continues to rise.Rescuers dig through rubble in snow and freezing temperatures to search for survivors. In Syria, the situation is exacerbated by a lack of infrastructure and an ongoing cholera outbreak after more than a decade of uprising and conflict.In recent years, North-West Syria has become one of the hardest places to reach with only one aid corridor from Turkey. Gaziantep, at the quake’s epicentre, is an important UN aid hub for northern Syria and the earthquake has disrupted the vital flow of cross-border aid.GRACEaid is launching this appeal to support two established and experienced NGOs providing assistance in Turkey and Syria: Ahbap and Molham Team to provide immediate humanitarian needs and the necessities they lack to lessen suffering in aftermath.Photograph: Gaziantep, Turkey: Anadolu Agency/Getty ImagesAbout GRACEaidAlerted by the suffering of everyday people, arriving on the shores of Greece fleeing war and persecution and the terrible conditions in the infamous Calais Jungle, GRACEaid grew from a grassroots community effort in south-east London in 2015, providing basic daily necessities,such as clothing, food and shelter.GRACEaid has helped thousands of people get access to basic supplies when they need it most; both internationally and at the heart of the local community.GRACEaid now has an established presence in the local community running a community shop and warehouse to support people displaced by war, persecution and trafficking.Thanks to the Giveth platform, GRACEaid was an early adopter in the use of crypto for fundraising by humanitarian aid charities and NGOs. A registered charity in the UK, GRACEaid has harnessed the compassion and support of the London community and donors globally.Thank-you for your support!
Raised: $12,212.86


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