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Giving Scholastic Materials To Most Vulnerable children
SPONSOR A CHILD OR HELP SUPPORT MOST VULNERABLE CHILDREN THROUGH US.VULNERABLE BE PART OF OUR GIVING EVERY YEAR, BUY A CHILD A BOOK OR A PEN ......ANTHOR OPTION BUY OUR ARTWORK YOUR FUNDS WILL GO TOWARDS BUYING SCHOLASTIC MATERIALS FOR VULNERABLE CHILDRENJOIN US IN GIVING TO CHILDREN WHO NEED YOUR HELP OR SPONSOR ACHILD THROUGH OUR CHARITYGive back to the community and make a difference in the lives of many vulnerable children in marginalized communities in need.Our website: https://www.ayoweccauganda.orgMedia Pages: to the effects of COVID 19 and Poverty, Many families are left struggling everyday. Education is a powerful tool, it changes the way we think and the way live in our communities.During colonial times Africa was left behind in terms of development (infrastructure, education, technology among others).As you go shopping this festive season please buy book or a pen or even mathematical set or any support that will enable a child from most vulnerable family access education.YOWECCA UGANDA stands for African Youth, Women Emancipation, Children and Community Alliance Uganda. It's a non governmental organization founded in Uganda East Africa, Working on Environment and Social Development.Registration number: 152154108.Giving back to the community and contributing to education can change the world. The purpose of this project is to enhance basic education of children in Tororo District. Education is the backbone of the community growth and development, therefore it's viewed as a human right since education contributes to reduction of both absolute and relative poverty; Education in particular helps to alleviate poverty by helping poor people to improve their lives. Children with basic skills and knowledge can read and handle numbers, which gives them access to information and thinking process that give them more choices about how to behave in their families & Community and achieve their goals in life.Your donations will go strictly towards purchasing scholastic materials for the most vulnerable children in Tororo District in January 2022. if you have any questions why we are fundraising please contact us on would be happy if you could use the [Help by sharing] button to share about my project!
Raised: $253.032


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