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We are building a unique way for the Giveth community to interact with each other on the upcoming Web3 Social platforms.We launched a Web3 Social username service called Giveth Names ( where anybody can mint their very own web3 domain username with a .giveth extension (examples: franco.giveth, team.giveth, etc.)The .giveth extension represents the Giveth community. Once a username is minted it belongs to the user forever (no renewing fees).Strengthening the bonds within the Giveth community 💡Many people are already using .eth names as usernames on Twitter and other social media.Imagine the same happening for the Giveth community. Having your own domain extension is good for spreading awareness and it also strengthens bonds between members of the community.More than just a domainWeb3 names are a digital identity. Giveth members can use domains as usernames when they log into web3 apps. They can also attach additional data to a domain, like a website URL, a Twitter handle, or an email address. Or they can use domains to easily send tokens and NFTs to each other.The Giveth Names service is built on top of the Punk Domains protocol and is the go-to protocol for many big projects like KlimaDAO, PoolTogether, Smol Brains, Layer2DAO, and more. You can learn more about the Punk Domains protocol in our documentation: Many possible integrationsAny dApp or web3 frontend can easily integrate with .giveth domain extensions.The protocol is completely permissionless and the code is open-sourced on our Github: Minting fees => Public Goods ❤We are firm believers in public goods funding. That is why 80% of the name-minting proceeds will go into the Giveth Matching Pool. This will be implemented into our smart contract so that every time a new .giveth name is minted the proceeds will go automatically to the matching pool address.Use of fundsDonations to our project will help us cover the costs of developing and growing the Giveth Names project. We will work on new integrations and build a web3 social chat app where Giveth Names will be used as usernames.We will keep pushing the promotional activities to attract new and existing users into the Giveth Community. The future & conclusion 🔮Web3 Social is arriving in a big way. There are many projects building different parts (lego blocks) of the upcoming Web3 Social.Usernames (aka “domains”) are one of these building blocks. The whole idea is based on the fact that every user owns their online identity and the content they produce (posts, comments, images, etc.)Web3 names are an integral part of Web3 Social. They mainly serve as usernames, but can also hold additional (optional) data such as homepage URL, image data, email address, etc.Let’s bring the Giveth community into the Web3 Social space together!Website:
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