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Building Augmented, Shared RealityGeo Web is a set of open protocols & fair property rights for anchoring digital media to physical locations. With it, we can create an augmented, shared reality layer covering Earth that is guided by public good values rather than corporate profits. The Geo Web will bring digital media, games, data, commerce, and NFTs into the physical world as shared experiences rather than siloed applications.The network is divided into digital land parcel NFTs which map 1:1 to the physical world. The market for digital land is administered under a partial common ownership (aka Harberger tax) system. It’s a fair, efficient, and legitimate way to bootstrap and scale the metaverse across our shared planet. By reinvesting 100% of land market proceeds into rewarding open-source developers, creatives, advocates, and users of the Geo Web, we can create compounding network utility and value. The Geo Web is a choice for positive-sum coordination over fixed-mindset tradition.If the Geo Web is successful, we can help spur the adoption of partial common ownership systems beyond our network and help redefine global property rights systems to be fairer and more efficient.LinksDiscord - (Land Claim Interface): Spatial Browser - - - - - - @thegeowebNewsletter Signup - -
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