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FrontierRegistry - Science Publishing OnChain
OVERVIEWFrontierRegistry: is an on-chain science publishing protocol with AI integration. It's a researcher-friendly platform that gives scientists, engineers, academics and researchers the means to publish their work on the blockchain, even if they have no prior Web3 or blockchain experience.#OPENSCIENCE compliant📡 We have submitted a proposal to the NSF (the National Science Foundation) for their Open Source Ecosystem program. We expect to find out the determination before end of December.By publishing their work on the blockchain, academics, scientists, engineers, researchers and citizen scientists have an immutable date/ time stamp of their Intellectual Property. The published works is what we call IP NFTs.FrontierRegistry is currently in Alpha release. It is open for testers to publish their work. A BIG Thank You to Lucas Iwai, our Lead Dev and a super Fullstack developer. Paige - creator/ founderpresented at ETHCC Paris on July 18th and FrontierRegistry was selected as a project for ETHVC which was attended by 50 investors and VCs.What is Open Science? RESOURCE KIT HERENASA & CERN co-sponsored a week-long Open Science event in Geneva, Switzerland July 10 - 14th, 2023. Research software was recognized as being necessary infrastructure for the implementation and adoption of #OpenScience.Anyone can use FrontierRegistry. You don't have to be a Web3 expert or 'crypto native' in order to have seamless UX/UI using FrontierRegistry.Check out the short 2 minute explainer video here.FrontierRegistry - Blockchain Integrated Publishing Platform for Scientific & Engineering IP Rights & Research. Scientific papers and research published on the blockchain.Update: We presented at a side event 'Paris Open Science' during JupyterCon2023 (May 10th) in Paris, FranceFeedback: 'Publishing needs to benefit more of the scientific community and general population. We recognize that FrontierRegistry on-chain publishing can offer this. ' - James, Attendee & Speaker, JupyterCon 2023, ParisFrontierRegistry is a publishing tool that automates blockchain authentication, on-chain peer review and the ownership economy for scientists, engineers, academics and researchers who are professionally obligated to ‘publish or perish.’⚡ ⚡⚡Consider this... IP rights immutably protected by publishing on the blockchain.Link to Presentation Video 🎥2 Minute Explainer Video Founding Team is #DEIA qualified - Founder is a woman serial tech entrepreneur with 7 years experience running a successful business and 10+ years in publishing.Lead Developer is BIPOC community.October 2022 -We received a Village Grant from Polygon to build our prototype platform to Alpha User Ready.Released January 2023.Supported by Polygon: Landing PAGE HereTAM - Total Addressable Market● $26 Billion - Scientific and technical publishing is a $26 billion dollar industry.● The Legacy publishers (ex. Nature) charge scientists upwards of $15K to publish their papers.● Scientists, engineers and technical writers are obligated to pay this fee to maintain their professional standing. They do NOT receive any revenue share from their published papers and they must give up copyright to their papers in most instances.● Legacy publishers rely on ‘volunteer’ (unpaid) peer reviewers for their published papers - further exploiting the scientific, engineering and technical writing/editorial communities.📡 🚀Our Total Addressable Community- 2.5 Million Scientific research papers published annually.- 3654 scientific journals worldwide- $26B industry (as big as the film industry)- Today scientific journals put content behind a paywall, plus charge authors to publish their work.- Legacy publishing: 0% commission is directed toward the author, researcher - Legacy publishing: The author must give up copyright to their published paper in most instances- There exists no on-chain peer review process for scientific and engineering published breakthroughs as we envision it for FrontierRegistry- 0 scientific journals/ platforms built on the blockchain using Web3 tooling/ authentication ( exists but its focus is not scientific publishing)Link to Pitch Deck Minted as IP NFT
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