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Free Solidity Development Course in Farsi
Update Summer 2023:I wanted to update everyone on the progress and how we are surprised and overwhelmed by the amount of eager students joining us in the summer 2023 cohort. In the Summer 2021 course, we had 35 Iranian students of which 9 graduated. Later on when we released all the material online, we got more than 100 students (40K+ views on the course).This summer, we just released the first session which got more than 1100 views (200 watched live, and 800 in the first 48 hours). You can read more on the course content and schedule in this link, but also encourage taking a look at the student intro topic as the demographic is pretty interesting to look at. As the final number we have 1600 people signed up for the course mailing list, which is 3x more than what we were expecting :)Please feel free to reach out to me or the team at @crypt0zan Twitter for any questions, comments, or just to say hi :)-------------------Original Grant Text:Dear Friends, in these past few months we have embarked on an unbelievable and extraordinary journey! Thanks to your support, we were able to educate over 500 Farsi speaking people about blockchain and smart contract coding (Solidity). Over a year ago, seven different women (now Women in Blockchain Farsi) living in different parts of the world heard about a scholarship for the ConsenSys Academy smart contract development course for Farsi-speaking women. This opportunity, organized by the non-profit educational organization “CoinIran”’s founder Bahar and Women in Blockchain’s Founder Thessy Mehrain (also ½ Iranian), was designed to teach all the fundamentals of smart contract development. All seven women who applied for this program successfully graduated the course.This indeed was huge for us. Participating in an international course, coming from Iran, enabled us to overcome some of the everyday challenges imposed on Iranian society. Words cannot describe how grateful we are for this opportunity! This opened new doors in the world of decentralized technology and blockchain. We were able to take on freelance coding projects and even participate in hackathons! Now we want to help others do the same and here is why:There is a general lack of resources and educational content in the native language of these regions, posing major obstacles to Farsi speaking communities when it comes to accessing finance and decentralized technology. The Farsi-speaking community has a population of more than 120 million, located in West Asia in Afghanistan, Tajikistan and Iran. Recently, the Taliban government in Afghanistan has banned all girls from schools and has even closed universities. Moreover, heavy sanctions imposed on Iranian citizens has limited them from accessing most social media platforms via geoblocking and even blocking educational platforms, in this way making it difficult to gain access to accurate and up to date education content. Last year, we created the smart contract development forum to share and build on the knowledge we acquired through this course and participating in hackathons. The forum grew fast and is now an active platform for Farsi speaking community consisting of over 550 members. We also taught a Smart Contract course in the summer of 2021. The request for participation in this course exceeded the capacity of the class with 150 applicants. However, given the limited volunteer labour and resources, we only accepted 35 eligible students. The course was co-founded and instructed by Women in Blockchain Farsi, and mentored by Shayan Eskandari. The course ran for 3 months and featured more than 40 hours of online classes and technical articles. In this course, students were first introduced to the basic concepts of blockchain and Ethereum, and were taught all the technical skills needed to develop smart contracts and decentralized applications. Thanks to the endless labour of our volunteers, the course was well received by students. We had a diverse range of students, even as young as 13 years old! Our graduates received their special POAP developer certification.A few testimonials from the graduates of the summer course:​​ though the course ended in September 2021, our work here isn’t done, we need your support!In this year’s ConsenSys Academy Ethereum developer bootcamp, we were able to sponsor 65 Farsi speaking individuals (45 from Iran and 20 from Afghanistan). Unfortunately, the course abruptly ended for most of our students due to unknown legal issues regarding their jurisdiction. Even though this was a hard blow for both our students and mentors, we managed to pick up the pieces and move forward. We are determined to continue spreading smart contract development education and teaching valuable skills to foster autonomy and grant access to decentralized finance. Latest update: Our Gitcoin grant also was suspended due to the "jurisdiction" of our students!!Please support us in our mission! Not only will your funds help ensure that our volunteers get fairly compensated for the hard labour they put into managing and maintaining this course, but it will also help ensure that the course content and materials stay accessible and free to everyone!Let’s build a more equitable future by ensuring that everyone - regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, and geographical location - can benefit from blockchain. 
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