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Forest Wisdom Learning With the Land
Ekonavi is a platform mapping ecological projects in Brazil and beyond, to showcase and incentivize their work as well as collaboration. We want to distribute grants for the courses and events announced on the network to incentivize the organization of more such activities globally. The majority of courses offered are on syntropic agroforestry, followed by bioconstruction, with some minor activities in other environmental areas, such as traditional pottery, organic painting and water management. will be distributed to the projects according to their participation and impact in the community. A specific section will be created on the platform for projects to apply. Supporting these grants will give the opportunity for more people to engage with forest knowledge, a necessary perspective for planting a better world!After Ekonavi launched, at the end of 2020, more than 100 events have been published on the platform, offering a wide variety of activities for the public to join and discover. Most of the projects are based in Brazil, but the events are spreading to more countries of the world since we translated the platform to English, Spanish and French (in addition to Portuguese). Will the next courses be announced out of Africa, and elsewhere in Latin America? Everyone is welcome to join Ekonavi, create a profile and follow the ecological activities. Anyone with a project can also add it to the map and get rewards for their work. Spreading the knowledge of the forest will make agroforestry practices scale around the world! Come join a course from an Ekonavi project!
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