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First choice coin Dao
Website: firstchoicecoin.infoThe Problem: Onboarding new users to cryptocurrency world is very difficult due to many reasons:1.) Understanding Blockchain Technology: New users are finding it hard to comprehend the concept of blockchain and its role in securing transactions.2.) Scams and Phishing: New users are finding it hard to recognize and avoid scams, phishing attempts, and fraudulent schemes.3.) Community Engagement: New users are finding it hard and feel isolated or overwhelmed in the crypto space.There are so many other problems that prevent new users from entering crypto and our goal is to help them.Solution:We want to create an investment DAO that aims to widen crypto adoption. We want to Provide educational resources, tutorials, and interactive content to explain the fundamentals of blockchain technology.Offer educational resources on common scams, provide tips for identifying phishing attempts, and implement security features to protect users.Foster a supportive community through forums, social media, or chat groups where users can ask questions, share experiences, and learn from each other.We created our first choice coin token 19 months ago in Polygon.
Raised: $17,095.266


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