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Our main objective is to promote the education and training of favela residents on the use and potential of Blockchain technology.More than a simple introduction, we seek to teach favela residents the practical knowledge necessary to use this technology in a meaningful way in their daily lives.Through Favelaverso, we not only provide educational opportunities, but we also aim to apply Blockchain technology to solve real challenges in communities. We firmly believe that technology should be an instrument to improve quality of life and promote social inclusion.Therefore, we are working collaboratively with existing projects to identify areas in which Blockchain technology can be implemented effectively to solve local problems, be they related to governance, finance, land registration or any other relevant issue.We believe that by empowering residents with technological knowledge and applying innovative solutions, we can promote a lasting and positive impact on people's lives. Join our journey as we explore the vast possibilities that Favelaverso has to offer for favelas and beyond.For more Information :Website: : : :
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