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Verified is a privacy-preserving ENS gateway, enabling users to access Ethereum-native dApps and content. LIMO represents a shift in dweb adoption by providing an alternative means of accessing ENS resolvable domains.☑️ supports every ENS compatible storage layer! Users can utilize IPFS, Arweave and Swarm contenthashes.☑️ CCIP-Read for L2 and off-chain lookups are also supported!☑️Emoji and unicode domains supported! 😂😂😂☑️Our new proxy supports fallback record checking. No content hash defined? No problem! Anyone with an @ensdomains can simply amend .limo in their browser to resolve a personalized Nimi profile. This pulls your ENS avatar, text records and even displays poaps! Users with an ENS name can effortlessly obtain a social landing page with no technical knowledge required. Give it a try!☑️ Limo now supports on-demand @ensdomains subdomain certificates!What does this mean? You can now automatically issue a certificate for ENS subdomains without requesting one from us!How does this work? Once you submit an HTTP request for your name (i.e. app.myname.eth. limo), we'll attempt to issue the certificate in the background. Usually this process takes 1-2m and during that time you might need to keep refreshing the page in your browser. Once the certificate has been issued you'll be able to visit your subdomain on☑️DNS over HTTPS (DoH) Resolver DNS over HTTPS (DoH) resolver. We now offer an easy to use DNS resolver for ENS domains. The DoH resolver can be integrated with applications for native ENS resolution, or even your browser! We feature both JSON and DNS wire format responses with DNSLink support. This means you can configure your local IPFS client to resolve ENS domains directly from us with the following command:ipfs config --json DNS.Resolvers '{"eth.": ""}'For example if you then requested vitalik.eth, a DNS query would be constructed ( which would return:dnslink=/ipfs/QmQhCuJqSk9fF58wU58oiaJ1qbZwQ1eQ8mVzNWe7tgLNiD/Which would instruct your IPFS client to retrieve the CID above. Consult our documentation for implementation details.Documentation☑️ Chauffeur - Run a local infrastructure stack for resolving ENS domains.☑️HTTP Object Caching - Improving content retrieval times is always a priority for the team. After several weeks of careful testing we have fully implemented static content object caching, globally for all resolved names. This means that we will cache content retrieved from IPFS and save it for later retrieval. The result being much faster page load times for all static content.🟢Base32 and Base36 Encoding for IPFS/IPNS - We have updated both the gateway and our DNS over HTTPS service to explicitly use Base32 encoding for IPFS CIDs and Base36 for IPNS peer IDs.☑️LIMO takes public gateway services a step further by enforcing strong privacy guarantees such as never logging IP addresses or engaging in TCP fingerprinting. Limo now actively blocks FLoC (Federated Learning of Cohorts). This is a Google developed algorithm that tracks and correlates users based on their browsing history. FLoC enables advanced fingerprinting capabilities and greatly undermines online privacy and anonymity.
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