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Ethereum technology for Farsi speaking population
We are a non-profit educational group founded in 2015 to educate Farsi* speakers on blockchain technology, and remove the language barrier into developing applications using distributed technologies. One of the main limitations to access such technology, financial freedom and bank the unbanked are lack of resources and language barrier; we are trying to close that gap for Farsi speakers.Our team has been operating CoinIran: Independent Persian Publication covering Cryptocurrency, blockchain and Dapps news and documentationsShir Ya Khat : Community-driven Farsi podcast on the topic of blockchain technology, discussing the recent trends to social pathology in developing countriesMiningBox: Stack-over-flow style question and answer platform for mining discussionsDigiarz : Price standardization and cryptocurrency exchange listings [currently down]Smartcontract Development Forum: Technical forum to teach and discuss smart contract developments on all Videocast, Interviews with active participants in the community (Exchange CEO, developers, etc), New tech introductory videos, and market analysisOther than the management, maintenance and materials on the above resources, we have been trying to localize the Farsi version: Translation and addition of resources [PR] - MERGEDMyEtherWallet : Translation and localization of the interface [PR] - MERGEDiearn-finance : Translation of the UI [PR]WalletConnect: Open protocol for connecting Wallets to Dapps [PR] - MERGEDdefi18n: Decentralized Finance Internationalization [PR] - MERGEDCryptoZombie - Learn to Code Blockchain DApps By Building Simple Games [PR]
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