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About UsEthereum News is a daily brief covering the latest in Ethereum. There is so much going on that it's impossible to catch up! Our goal is to update you on the latest ecosystem project updates, network upgrades, security incidents, and scaling improvements. We release a podcast and a newsletter every weekday.Why UsWe aim to support the broader Ethereum and web3 ecosystem. Donations help us continue the production of the daily briefing. As we continue to grow, we help spread awareness about important updates and new projects in the ecosystem.Fund UseFunds received will provide support for covering various expenses, including software and services such as Adobe Creative Cloud, Descript, Libsyn, and Ghost. Over the past year, these expenses, along with hardware and production costs, have been personally funded.Links🔗 Website -🎙️ Podcast -🪞 Mirror -🎥 Video -🌿 Lens -🐦 Twitter -🟪 Farcaster -
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