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A Dream for Carrancas: Espaço VoaCarrancas is a town of 4 thousand inhabitants, of great cultural importance and full of natural riches. And it is in this small town in the South of Minas Gerais, a collective dream was born: the Espaço Voa - a place for self-directed learning and human development.The Espaço Voa is a living environment where families, educators, collaborators, and children are given tools to move between self-knowledge, transformation, and connection. We aspire to develop the creative potential inside each one, promoting integral, autonomous, respectful, and meaningful learning. We believe that when we follow what moves us, what makes sense to us, our commitment and dedication to learning are potentiated.Counting on a self-directed learning after-school program, this place welcomes the diverse learning needs of the community's children. Everyone involved in Espaço Voa is encouraged to be free to believe in themselves and their dreams. We wouldn't be here if we didn't believe in ours: building an inclusive learning space that promotes human connections and motivation for learning.Our purpose is to promote a self-directed and inclusive learning space. ✨Our goal?To promote an inclusive learning space. For every family that can support us financially and has a kid with us, we match this to help another kid in the community to receive a social grant. And for this dream to come true, you are essential! Come with us to building #aDreamForCarrancasFollow us at:
Raised: $1,293.463


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