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ENS Wayback Machine
The ENS Wayback Machine is a Web3 version of Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine, allowing users to view historical versions of IPFS content associated with ENS domains. Users can search for specific ENS domains or URLs and view archived versions of those sites as they appeared on different dates in the past. This can be useful for researchers, historians, and anyone interested in tracking changes to websites over time or retrieving lost content. Unlike the Wayback Machine maintained by the Internet Archive, the ENS Wayback Machine does not crawl the web or store archived web pages. Instead, it relies on the fact that the IPFS links are stored in the blockchain and can be accessed to view the content associated with a particular domain. This means that the service is only useful for ENS domains that have associated IPFS content.For example, you can use the ENS Wayback Machine to view the changes made to Vitalik’s website over the years. Just visit the ENS Wayback Machine website and navigate to vitalik.eth to see the different versions of the site through the top bar. You can also search for any other ENS domain in the search box provided.Our team is steadfast in enhancing the functionality and user-friendliness of the ENS Wayback Machine. Our next step? Incorporating significant milestones into the timeline, such as the domain’s initial registration, renewals, and transfers. As we refine the design and evolve our service, we deeply value your insights. So, drop us a line, share your experiences, and join us in shaping the future of the ENS Wayback Machine.This is as a Blossom Labs project. You’re welcome to contribute to our GitHub repository. Let’s continue to build and preserve the history of the decentralized web together!
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