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Empowering MetaPool Community with DappLooker Insights
DappLooker Dashboards, Community Analytics for Meta Pool, and Building of MetaSpy Analytics DappDappLooker Details: DappLooker is a comprehensive Web3 Business Intelligence and Visualization Hub, with a suite of user-friendly tools.The DappLooker suite includes:Analytics - Our Easy and Intuitive No-Code Analytics Solution.Subgraph Analyzer - Dedicated tool to Explore and Visualize Subgraph DataDataBOTs - Custom data retrieving bots for your Discord and Telegram users and communitiesAPI SDK - Chart APIs and Robust SDK for developers AI Studio - AI-Assisted Analytics Tool for querying in natural language.We are also adding more and more tools to support data-driven businesses in Web3.Metapool Staking dashboards are already live on DappLooker.We are deeply connected to the Near Ecosystem and partnered with Near projects such as Ref Finance, and Mintbase. Other partners include industry leaders such as Aave, Uniswap, TheGraph, Polygon, Connext, Celo, etc. We also have successfully integrated IoT and EoT-based Peaq Network and are experts in providing analytics solutions in the Web3 Space.Relevant Links:Website: Partner Deck: Integrations: community-built charts & dashboards: Repo: DappLooker Workshop: Team :Founded in 2021, DappLooker Team has over 45 years of combined team experience, our team of 12+ skilled individuals, including Blockchain Engineers, Backend Engineers, Front End Engineers, and a Biz Dev team, are experts in providing real-time analytics on smart contracts and subgraphs for blockchain Networks and Dapps.Meta Pool Proposal Details : The proposal is to fully support Meta Pool on DappLooker to empower the Meta Pool community with powerful no-code analytics, and the creation of detailed and comprehensive dashboards for visualizations, insights, and analytics for the Meta Pool Ecosystem. The proposal also includes the creation of a dedicated comprehensive analytics dApp for MetaPool called MetaSpy featuring data-rich analytics, metrics, visualizations, and dashboards of the MetaPool Ecosystem embedded in it.Milestone 1: Create comprehensive dashboards for Meta Pool Governance and Complete DappLooker Integration: 4 WeeksDocumentationDocument a step-to-step guide to using Meta Pool Ecosystem Analytics on DappLooker.Publish a guide on DappLooker with supporting images.Make Community announcements on social media and other channels.Featured ProjectFeature Meta Pool as a Featured Project on DappLookerThis makes performing analytics on Meta Pool free for the entire community on DappLookerAnnounce featured Project integration and invite users and community to create no-code dashboards for Meta Pool on DappLookerDashboard CreationCreate comprehensive dashboards for insights into the governance of Meta Pool, the Dashboards will be as follows : 1) Meta Pool Governance and Voting MonitorIntegrate data of Meta Pool on-chain Governance and Voting and Implement detailed Monitor.The goal is to provide information into the governance of the Meta Pool network, allowing insights into participation in governance decisions and tracking the progress of proposals.Metrics - Displays information metrics such as The total number of votesThe number of active governance proposalsVotes over time Other key metrics related to Meta Pool governance (For reference Graph Advocate DAO Dashboard)2) META Token Analysis MonitorIntegrate and Index data of META Token and implement a detailed monitor for META Token Analytics and Key Metrics.The goal is to provide insights into META Token, allowing the community and users to track the adoption and key metrics of the Token.Metrics - Displays key metrics such as Total number of transactions Wallet addresses Transaction volume Price over TimeMarket Cap over timeOther key metrics related to the META Token (For Reference Moonriver USDC Dashboard)3) Metapool Multichain Analysis MonitorIntegrate and Index multichain data of Metapool and implement a detailed monitor for Multichain Staking and Performance Key Metrics.The goal is to provide insights into a multichain comparison of the protocol, allowing the community and users to track the adoption and key metrics of the protocol across different ecosystems.Metrics - Displays key metrics such as APY Comparisons Wallet addresses Staking volume Staking over TimeOther key metrics related to the META Token (For Reference Moonriver USDC Dashboard)Features available to Meta Pool Community as a ‘Featured Project’Free to Register Meta Pool Data and perform Analytics for the CommunityExport Data to CSV/Excel.No-code Queries.Community Analytics.Create, Fork, and Edit Charts (Line, Bar, Pie, etc.).Create Dashboards with drag-and-drop builder.Share Dashboards and Export Charts.Advanced Analytics: Funnel analysis, user retention analysis, etc.Milestone 2: Develop MetaSpy Dapp: 4 WeeksMetaSpy Development Create as a complete ecosystem overview Dapp.Design a great (Metapool-themed) UI for the analytics Dapp.Embed all Metapool Dashboards (including the above ones) on for the community, powered by Dapplooker.We have developed a similar Dapp for Celo called CeloSpy. For Reference: Celo SpyLaunch & OperationsCo-market Meta Pool Featured project, Dashboards, and MetaSpy along with the Meta Pool team.Release Documentation announcement, Blog, and Email CampaignsOrganize X SpaceConduct workshops for the Meta Pool Community and invite community-powered analytics, Popular Dashboard by Meta Pool Community will be displayed on the DappLooker Discover Page and MetaSpyMilestone Funding :Milestone 1 - Dashboards and Featured ProjectsFunding asks for this milestone: 5000 USD Milestone 2 - MetaSpy DappFunding asks for this milestone: 5000 USD Total Total Funding: 10000 USD Use of Funds:The funds will be used to support the following:Data and Infrastructure costsHosting and Domain costsSupport Data Analyst and Data Science TeamSupport Development Team Partnership Highlights:Polygon Dapp Store Kit Announcement: TweetAave V3 Grant Announcement: TweetMoonbeam Partnership Announcement: TweetNEAR Protocol Partnership Announcement: TweetBNB Chain Partnership Announcement: TweetPEAQ Integration Announcement: TweetFlipside Partnership Announcement: TweetNFTX Partnership Announcement: TweetMatricsDao Partnership Announcement: TweetPrazenti Grant Announcement: Tweet
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