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EkoHarita is an online ecological network, started in 2015. It was planned as an eco-blog at first, including a map showing ecological initiatives such as; ecological settlements, farms, eco-initiatives, eco-tourism and camping spots, community/urban gardens, ecological collectives, communities and initiatives, non-governmental organizations, ecological museums, ecological markets, food communities, cooperatives, knowledge banks, ecology blogs, balcony gardens, alternative education centers and alternative economic systems. In time this map grew to become interactive platform where anyone can add their own related projects in it. After a while new projects started develop in EkoHarita like volunteer community. Volunteer Community is one of our projects for creating a new way of consumers&producers network. Our website is: We want to make ekoharita global and make a better project locally in Turkey. We need your to develop our project and create new projects for the world. Now working on projects: 1- (Ecological map) Aims: - EN translations - Develop structure - More volunteer to work on and create a sharing economy to produce more 2- (Ecological wikipedia) 3- (CSA tool for creating new food communities and support small ecological producers) Thank you very much for your support! It will always use for the good will of earth.
Raised: $280.624


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