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About usThe dOrg Hot Seat is a tech podcast with audio-video format, where tech leads and founders of our favorite web3 infrastructure, products, protocols and top blockchain projects can showcase their latest releases to dOrg members, and dOrg builders ask highly technical related questions and debate the answers. We get into the nitty-gritty details web3 devs and enthusiasts want to hear!Relevant linksYoutubeSpotifyLenstubeWebsiteWhy?We are faithful believers that by creating high-tech and sourced web3 content, new knowledge can be accessed in the ecosystem.We are looking to address specific technical details about the most commonly used and useful tools, to bring more technical resources to web3 builders and enthusiasts.How?We are going to do that, creating audio and video content that contributes to technical understanding of top and disruptive projects within the web3 ecosystem, targeting global web3 builders and enthusiasts.This will be possible with your support!Our teamPol Lanski: HostAnita Caldera: MarComms and guests relationsJoshua Cruz: Digital assets and guests relationsArianna Cooper: Videos editorPaul Díaz: Videos optimisationAnd our dOrg builders: Authors of the hard tech questions!
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