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Diamante Bridge Collective
We operate in the space where public goods and private ownership meet personal responsibility and collective power.The DBC is a nested set of entities both public and private that work together as a whole to advance our capacity for coordination toward creating a vibrant and resilient network of local economies.We are so grateful for every giver and everything given that has allowed us to be in service to this mission! Your donations to the DBC in 2023 support regenerative livelihoods for our stewards, provide materials for restorative earthworks projects, and fund scholarships for participants who would not otherwise have access to the transformative experiences and education programs offered.The DBC hosted our network partner Bloom International's 2022 retreat, and organized a tour of the many initiatives, lands and people that have been incubated through the Collective.For greater transparency and accountability with our donations as well as to show and tell of our accomplishments more regularly, we recently released a YouTube channel filled with impactful and educational content, and a public website to demonstrate our decentralized governance practices for approving activities and allocating resources.Check out our Forum and Calendar for more details! We prioritize the transcendence of land “ownership” and actively transform our contractual agreements toward land "donorship", choosing instead to be stewards of nature and the gifts bestowed unto us for future generations. This dream was made real in 2022, with the Diamante Luz Regenerative Living Center being donated by the title holder into a private perpetual Land Trust! Several land nodes are ready to follow suit using our 7 Stages of Stewardship model of acquiring beneficial interest. First order of business in 2023 is the receiving of land use rights by the DBC for establishing a public intercultural commons.Our self-organizing collective of radically responsible individuals has actualized in the past 2 years an intentional community, an activation hub, a non-profit association, a public commons, a landing pad, a leaping point, and given hundreds of people big warm welcome home to heaven on earth hugs!We govern ourselves using Sociocracy as a tool, honoring the diversity of perspectives within our collective and ensuring space for all voices during decision making processes. In late 2021 the DBC spun up a Costa Rica-registered social impact organization, el Asociacion Puente Diamante, with 26 founding members. Our 2022 Annual Membership Meeting brought official membership to 45 including new talent on the Board!The Diamante Bridge Collective is a decentralized village, with many permaculture and agricultural farms, intentional communities and retreat centers, shared homes and private casitas, co-working hubs and collaborative spaces at various stages of development.We are all bridges to what we are becoming, and we each bring valuable wisdom, experience and gifts to share with the world.. and we do that one relationship at a time by both reaching out and welcoming in. We invite you to reach out, explore what opportunity the collective may hold for you in the fulfillment of your own destiny.. receive the offerings shared already, and consider giving back to those here now building forward, for those who will come after.
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