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DexAppBuilder - The no-code/low-code toolkit of DexKit
👉👨‍💻 Create your DApp for Web3 effortlessly using DexAppBuilder.1.🛠️ DexAppBuilder: Your no-code/low-code Web3 DApp toolkitDexAppBuilder simplifies DApp creation for Web3 and the interaction with smart contracts, removing the complexity for Web3 entry. It's the flagship product of DexKit, a Brazilian startup dedicated to making Web3 accessible.DexAppBuilder provides a comprehensive kit of no-code/low-code tools and solutions, enabling anyone to easily create customized DApps for Web3. Features:Swap;Exchange;Token generation;NFT issuance;Token and NFT airdrop;Gated content;Smart contract integration.We've open-sourced DexAppBuilder features on NPM for the wider benefit of the Web3 development community.🌐 Explore more about us! DexAppBuilder platform: https://dexappbuilder.dexkit.comGitHub: https://dexkit.canny.io2.💡 Funding for an enhanced DexAppBuilder UX With your support, we'll enhance the user experience (UX) of DexAppBuilder in the next 6 months, attracting new users and fostering a thriving community. Join us in establishing DexAppBuilder as the most accessible and user-friendly platform for Web3 DApp development.
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