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(Please check the "Updates" page for information regarding ReFi @Paris Blockchain Week)Lack of creativity and imagination is recognized by leading climate figures globally, from UN to EU and academics, as an obstacle to mitigate climate change. While art-science and art based innovation programs are emerging, they are massively underfunded across the world and lack true multidisciplinary participation.We develop an art-science Studio-Lab within DeSci ecosystems by engaging a multidisciplinary profile of practitioners, experts and professionals around the regeneration movement to contribute to DeSci using Art Practice as an Inquiry and foster engagement and conversations around the possible futures with informed perspectives about web3 and climate.What we do:Address the deep cultural transformation needed along tech based solutions to build a Regenerative Economy;Set up new frameworks of references and disrupt the centrality of consumer culture and markets of goods;Develop the missing platform to support co-creation from artists, scientists, engineers, local actors;Produce art based applied research projects and multidisciplinary facilitation tools. @Omega/Token Engineering Commons)
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