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CRYPTOMURALS Street art is a public good
Cryptomurals is a blockchain-based platform focused on promoting and preserving the best street art worldwide, making it accessible as a public good.Our mission is to preserve the cultural heritage with interactive web3 dApps and bring artists and active citizens together to build inclusive environments in public spaces.The project was started as an EthGlobal finalist at the Web3Jam Hackathon in November 2021 and since then it has been iterating a lot always in head of Nats Giraldo a.k.a @0xnats and recently joined Joanna Caraballo a.k.a @jojoliciosa 1. CryptomuralsCryptomurals aims to be a living archive in the Ethereum blockchain that allows navigating the history of all the layers of murals painted over the years on the same wall - we call it "The Wallchain". Cryptomurals public gallery will be the digital home to curated geolocated murals, with a dynamic map that allows exploring cities in gamified street-art huntings.2. Collaborative experiencesWe believe that art is for everyone. Cryptomurals run local initiatives to support artists to create murals and tokenize their artworks in cities around ETH community events. 3. Street art hunters communityOur platform will allow a collaborative process where individuals provide insights on the state of the artworks by city, securing the preservation of the heritage and keeping the archives updated. The community will collaborate asynchronously in challenges around inclusion, culture promotion, and web3 adoption initiatives to fund street art as a public good while playing around.It's a tool that can be used by anyone who wants to make their city a more beautiful place.A geolocation-based scan system will allow participants to claim new murals and unlock exclusive content such as animations, AR experiences, or soul-bonds NFTs. 4. The future of CryptomuralsCities and art festivals can integrate Cryptomurals as the leading platform to archive the cultural heritage of the murals in their location. We want to make it easy for anyone to use web3 tools to share their local murals with others worldwide. Insights in the Cryptomurals platform will nurture the community's collective intelligence and the decision-making around local-run initiatives. Opportunities can include quadratic voting to promote new murals geolocations or support the renovation of existing spots.We are a group of street artists and tech enthusiasts from Latin America who believe in inclusion thanks to art workshops and renovation of public spaces such as basketball yards, Sk8 parks, etc. We believe in street art as a public good. 5. ContributionsWe're thrilled to share that we're making progress with our mission. Along with Devcon and the ETH Colombia community, we had built Cryptomurals graffiti tours with the Cryptomurals Street Art Hunt experience for #DevconVI visitors. Participants can discover Bogotá and unlock exclusive content in our genesis. The experience is created by us and developed thanks to the support of Doingud. We're excited to continue on this journey with the progressive support of our community, and we hope you will join us in our quest to extend the values of decentralization to fund public goods.Please contact us and jump into our Twitter and Instagram @cryptomurals to see the murals we started geolocating in Bogotá for DEVCON VI and Medellin during EthMedellin !See you on the streets,Your CM crew
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