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Perfect Village Communities " PVC Burundi" it is a social enterprise, created and based in rural community in Burundi, with the vision to improve the living conditions for vulnerable community through agro- ecological activitie, while promoting permaculture.Burundi have out of 58% of children with malnutrition in some Rural localities, 95% of community live for agriculture, and livestock activities, unfortunately any family can produce the food to feed his family the following 1 month, in additional to lack of basically resources such food, people challenged by the non access the healthcare services, malmution, each, in rural minileu, on average 3% of cultivable land is lost due to soil degradation, fertile soil is washed away with rainwater because cultivable areas are denuded.. PVC Burundi working on these issues by teaching the communities the regenerative agriculture, soil regeneration, manure producing process, we organize the people in cooperatives and we grow food, we plant trees, we generate revenues in small agri/environmentbusiness, the income is using to cofinance the health system and educational systems.Our main object is to create the villages where environment is protected, where communities cultivating and glowing food, where communities have the access to the health care access, in our stroga we are creating the healthy planet for the healthy community espevially in ryral areas of Burundi.Each year, we organize the tree planting campaigns, where we produce ,grow, and distributing but also planting in different localities in public land, community Land, ..., those activities are attached with community sensitizing on different techniques in environment, land, soil management and regenerative agriculture.we still leading the Communities lo creaate a sustaible communities, where community working care for themserves, but also to care the planet.That is why we would like you to support our project by donating, to help the more vurnerable communities.Thank you for your donations.
Raised: $2,217.81


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