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Commons Stack is raising funds to cover the costs of launching new Commons, continuing to evolve our Technical and Cultural Builds, developing protocols that can be open-sourced so any community can deploy a Commons using our design patterns, and our general operational costs.What is Commons Stack?We, Commons Stack, started as a think-tank primarily focused on crypto-economic primitives to underpin a design framework for a Commons, a tokenized community with a mission benefitting a public good. We aspired to scale commons as a way to realign incentives with public goods. To achieve this, we needed to elaborate cultural designs that reinforce commoning principles and create novel tools such as the Augmented Bonding Curve (ABC), Conviction Voting and the Praise reward and reputation system. Our Commons design pattern is a curated library of tools and processes for governance, funding, proposal, analytics and initialization of a Commons. Some have come straight out of our research collaborations - such as the ABC, CV and the Praise reward system - while others were chosen from those available in the web3 tooling marketplace.To really understand what we are trying to build, try out the Commons Simulator: see the work of Elinor Ostrom as our North Star and set out to weave her principles of governing commons into the cultural fabric of a Commons. Our Cultural Build defines practices for clear boundaries, conflict resolution, monitoring, participatory decision-making, as well as others. Among our milestones are supporting BlockScience in open-sourcing cadCAD, developing the edutainment program Commons Simulator, launching the Trusted Seed, developing a collaborative economics method, deploying the Token Engineering Commons (TEC) - the first field test for our Commons design patterns, launching the Commons Prize and starting our commons collaboration with Grassroots Economics, the winner of the prize.While we have already had some success, we have only just begun. Our research continues. The lessons learned from a first field test, the Token Engineering Commons (TEC), are being rolled into new deployment protocols and our curated commons library of tools and processes continues to evolve. We did not get this far alone. We have collaborated with BlockScience, Blossom Labs, Metagov, Curve Labs, PrimeDAO, Giveth, 1Hive, Aragon, Token Engineering Academy, Token Engineering Commons, and many others.
Raised: $13,529.932


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