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Colorado Multiversity
Fundación Madre Tierra Verde (FMTV) aims to contribute to Costa Rica's transition to a green and intelligent society paradigm, following the guidelines of the National Climate Change Strategy (ENCC) and the Decarbonization Plan, through the guidance, advice and equipment of companies, organizations, communities, and governments. Based on the climate change agenda, we focus on the following axes of work: capacity building and technology transfer, financing, public awareness, and culture creation.The Colorado Multiversity project is an initiative that seeks to create an academic and research space with a methodology focused on people and their interaction with the environment, with partnerships and collaborations with projects, organizations and initiatives that feed on content to be able to train and empower communities on issues that benefit the Sustainable Development Goals.The multiversity campus consists of more than 1000 Ha at the Barra del Colorado National Wildlife Refuge in Pococí, Limón, at the North Caribean of Costa Rica, and at the outset will have facilities to accommodate up to 50 students, starting with the Disaster Care program in conjunction with Refuge Project, the Citizen Innovation Laboratory in conjunction with SIFAIS Lab and the Precision Agriculture Training Center , in addition to the Volunteering Programs with universities in the United States and Europe and the Community Precious Plastic Collection Center.This project is supported by the Spanish Cooperation, Gaia Gives, SDG Impact Fund, the United Nations International Organization for Migration. The need for capital is to start the infrastructure development project while reaching the necessary progress to receive the contributions of international cooperation and starting to operate with the first programs in June 2021.Next, we share a video that we prepare to better illustrate what the project is about.
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