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Coletivo XV
It is a movement that was born spontaneously through the union of skaters who were in the city center, mainly in Praça XV. Due to the repression of the municipal guard that limited the practice of skateboarding in public squares, there was a need to organize, question the ban and, above all, speak out in favor of freeing up the public spaces. Due to the need to communicate with the government in a formal and representative way, we founded the Associação Cultural do Skate. From then onwards, the activities unfolded into social actions, film screenings, musical presentations and art exhibitions related to skateboarding culture held at Praça XV, in cultural centers and museums. Nowadays, it is a cultural group that moves and forms partnerships with institutions, other collectives and brands.Coletivo XV is a non-profit organization that need funds to continue making the social difference through skateboarding culture.This was our last event funded by Skatehive community on Hive and LBRY Blockchain:This is our website -> us at ->
Raised: $1,690.265


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