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Cofunding The DAOist
WWW.THEDAOIST.CO | @TheDAOist_About the project The DAOist is a global collective that develops and evangelizes the DAO lifestyle. A relevant percentage of the work happens in meatspace, a relevant percentage of the work happens in the metaverse and a relevant percentage of the decision making will be on-chain.The DAOist is a movement that pushes the expansion of DAOs and produces cultural (public) goods that facilitate on-boarding and help foster relationships with legacy institutions. It manifests and nurtures common spaces where purposeful collaboration can flourish. It aims to establish itself as a DAO and borderless think tank for the decentralized future before the end of 2022.We do have big plans. "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step" - Tao Te Ching (The Book of the Way and of Virtue"). We have started our journey. Here are our first steps:Step 1.a: The DAOist Paris. 23rd of July 2021That's where everything has started. We planned to create a space for DAOists to share knowledge, learn from each other, celebrate steps that every community member makes every day towards a decentralized future. The event went successfully: around 400 participants, 8 hours of talks & workshops, afterparty; we've got positive feedback but the most important - we've detected a need for something like the DAOist. Something that can bring the community together. Click here to see what happened that day and watch all the talks. Step 1.b: The DAOist Lisbon. 19th of October 2021We were still digesting the Paris experience and weren't planning any events. However, we had too many requests about an event in Lisbon. Here we are - planning the DAOist Lisbon. The mission of this event is to bring more inspiration into the decentralized world and change the basic understanding of "crypto conferences."  Step 2. Educational platform + community We want to document the way and share it with the seekers of the knowledge. The community curates the content. For now, we have a YouTube channel with a collection of talks from the leaders of DAOspace. Recently we created a collaboration space for the community by launching a discord channel.
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