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Building the Future of Giving One Mural at a Time
I am Almond, a proud member of the Giveth community builder team and an avid art enthusiast.I'm thrilled to announce a new initiative that will bring Giveth to life through stunning murals around the world: starting with my hometown, Mexico City, and moving on to Barcelona, the birthplace of Giveth, I'm aiming to create a global network of Giveth-inspired art that will spark and uplift all those who encounter it.Why murals, you ask?Art has the power to strengthen Giveth's creative spirit. Since 2016, our community has been dedicated to shaping Giveth's mission and values, advocating for a better world.By commissioning a series of murals, this project aims to translate this vision, into visually stunning cityscapes that will inspire and captivate audiences across the globe.Art is the most powerful marketing tool we have. Unlike paying for costly social media campaigns, this project will spread Giveth's mission shaped by some of the most innovative minds in the Web3 ecosystem, through bold and transgressive art.This initiative hope to build a wild and diverse community of artists, cultural individuals, and Web3 digital voices who share our passion for positive change.Art has the power to change minds and create new possibilities. This initiative will inspire more people to think differently about crypto ‘hypercapitalism’, and to embrace new possibilities for creative expression and social good.What’s nextFor the first mural in Mexico City, this project will partnered with the incredible women's graffiti collective, Yo Estoy Aquí.I'm proud to announce that the mural will be created by a talented woman graffiti artist, who will work closely with the team to capture the essence of Giveth's mission and values in a bold and beautiful way.The budget for this project is $1,115 USD, which will cover the cost of the mural, photographic documentation, and a PR campaign to raise awareness about Giveth's transgressive art movement. I will also provide a brief to the artists to ensure that the mural captures the spirit of Giveth and aligns with our values and mission.I invite you to join this exciting journey, using the power of art to build a better world. Together, we can make the Giveth murals campaign a reality. Thanks for your support!Expect frequent updates with more around the artist, selected mural & more! 🎨
Raised: $1,214.438


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