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🌍 Bloom Network is a cyber-physical social network that helps people find and participate in grassroots climate action where they live. http://www.bloomnetwork.earthThere are 22 local Blooms in 9 countries on 5 continents, and approximately 30,000 people involved on the ground. Our participants include farmers, creatives, Indigenous leaders, and professionals who are working together in coalitions.πŸ‘€ Problem: 67% of humanity believes there is a climate emergency, but they can't find what to do about it locally. Meanwhile, there are tens of thousands of local initiatives solving major social and environmental problems, who are excluded from mainstream media and institutional finance because the way they work is naturally collaborative and decentralized.🌻 Solution: Local Bloom hubs connect existing projects in their region. They plant community gardens, teach people to form agroforestry co-ops, and build regional token economies focused on land and water stewardship. Online, we share knowledge P2P as a global community to implement climate repair more quickly and cost-effectively.Here is a video produced by Diamante Bridge Collective, a local Bloom hub in Costa Rica. It tells the story of what's happening on the ground and how we use web3 to bridge the finance gap to local-led regeneration.🌸🌸🌸 Milestones 🌸🌸🌸Thanks to your support, our social network is now live at . The network of Local Bloom hubs co-designed this to meet their needs for a regeneration-focused media network that can amplify their good works, and support them in connecting with each other as peers across different places to share knowledge and resources. Your contributions this year will go toward:+ Open general membership + Pilot our local/international member fee splits to jumpstart local Blooms+ Complete our cooperative/DAO formation with the help of an all-women legal team. This will reduce risk for our longstanding communities as we teach them to use cryptocurrency.+ Implement our cooperative patronage token to reward members for doing regenerative actions.🌿 Team: Magenta Ceiba, Meg Rivers, Hannah Mitchell, Aishwarya Iyer, Manasa Suresh, Anita Caldera, Grace Moore, and 50+ local community organizersPartners: MetaGame, Giveth, ReFi DAO, All for Climate DAO, Cohere, Kolektivo, dOrg🌊 Twitter @ourbloomnetwork |
Raised: $21,576.941


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