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Biolumen Project
We are a hybrid project on Blockchain development and natural preservation of the territory; In the heart of Colombia, in the municipality of Salento, Quindío, we protect the mountains and build community to promote sustainable development.We are in a territory full of biodiversity, with unique micro-climates, which we want to protect and preserve, for this we built the Biolumen project, a project that seeks to be self-sustaining and with sustainable development; The project focuses on 5 fundamental axes, which are:Biolumen ExperiencesBiolumen EcocenterBiolumen DomeBiolumen DAOBiolumen on web3This is roughly what our project is made of, we are looking for funding since we are at a very early stage, but we hope to start executing soon, u can read the full article on the next link Biolumen Project, sustainability development and protection of the mountain | by Biolumen | Apr, 2022 | Medium.Our project is proposed in several phases, the first, and the one we are aiming at right now, is to raise capital to start with Biolumen Experiences; For this, our goal is to raise liquidity with the aim of acquiring the properties for tourist experiences, building cabins with low environmental impact for guests and adapting the PANABI park area to make it safe and passable for visitors, in addition to beginning to preserve the fauna. and endemic flora through its contemplation as a low-impact tourist attraction. We want to appeal to the blockchain community seeking their help, working towards a global goal such as the preservation of the environment and sustainable development is something that concerns us all, in our hands is to have a better future for all of us.
Raised: $339.258


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