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Problems to solveDistrust with charity is the number 1 problem for philanthropy. The movie "UnCharitable" will change you. It will change everything you've ever thought or been taught about charity, giving, solving the great problems of human suffering that have plagued humanity since the beginning of time and building a world that works for everyone, with, as Buckminster Fuller said, "no one and nothing left out." You will come away with hope you thought was no longer possible.Solution from usBcharity is an open ledger for the public good, which is dedicated to solve the problem of distrust with charity by recording every transaction of donation and its impact on the open ledger. It is a community-driven charitable program initiated by Canadian registered charity ECSSEN and sponsored by the Canadian government since 2020.Pitch Deck & TractionThe use of the funds• To look for blockchain developers to develop the open ledger at application level.• To look for mobile web3 developers to develop and ship tokenomic ecosystem around the open ledger.• To looking for marketing consultants to build the open ledger community for the public good.
Raised: $3,358.671


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