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Basic school supplies
This project will provide basic school supplies to out-of-school children in various public schools in Oji-River. 18.5 children are out of school in Nigeria and 10.5 million children are girls. Supporting this initiative will help close the gap by helping more underprivileged children to stay in school. There will be relief on the burden of parents, who are unemployed to provide these basic essentials for underprivileged children.Helpers Social Development Foundation was established to make a difference in Nigeria. We believed that lasting change happened when children, youths and women have access to social amenities. We have touched more than 3.700 lives from different initiatives since our inception in 2016. We recently established a nursery and primary school in the Oji-River area of Enugu State with a population of 30 pupils. Helpers Foundation nursery and primary offer free education to underprivileged children. We have grown to include working with the parents of the children and the community leaders of the villages in which we operate.Why We Are Working Hard We distribute free school supplies to underprivileged children in 20 public schools in Enugu state to keep them in school. We attack are the root cause of factors that stand as barriers to underprivileged children's education so that underprivileged children can access free and quality education and realize their full potential.Where And Challenges This is truly a trying time for underprivileged Nigerians as many people have lost their jobs due to the Covid-19 pandemic. 18.5 million children dropped out of school, and 10.5 million are girls, they struggle daily for not having the stools needed to help them in school. Poverty regardless of level is linked to reduced academic achievement. Students who live in poverty come to school every day without the proper tools for success, as a result, they are commonly behind their classmates physically, socially, and emotionally. Help us to reach out to millions of out-of-school children.SolutionHow can we use crypto to narrow the performance gap in children's education? Better funding for out-of-school children's education. Helpers Social Development Foundation provides funding to support children from the start of school across Oji-river local government, specifically targeting children with special needs and families. Meeting some of the children's basic needs, like food, healthcare support at school and supplies. Long-Term Impact Your support of this project will have a lifetime impact on the people and Oji-River communities. It will help support out-of-school children to achieve academic, professional, and communal success by creating a positive, supportive environment for their academic, professional, and social growth.Thank you for your generosity.Website: link: handle: handle:
Raised: $675.386

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