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Bahar Library A Beacon of Hope in Ramin Village
In Ramin Village, Chabahar, Iran, the Bahar Library stands as a symbol of community-driven transformation. Founded by Mr. Bahar, it's dedicated to enhancing educational opportunities for village children and fostering a rich cultural environment. This library, unlike state-funded entities, is powered by individual generosity and Mr. Bahar's dedication. It thrives on donations for books, stationery, and children's activities, vital for its mission.Discovering this gem in Chabahar, I committed to support it through a campaign. Donations collected will be converted from cryptocurrency to fiat, aiding Mr. Bahar in effectively utilizing the funds, due to his limited crypto knowledge.Supporting Bahar Library means investing in the future of Ramin's children, bringing us closer to a world where education is accessible to all.To see the impact of Bahar Library and stay updated with its progress, I encourage you to visit their Instagram page: Bahar Library Instagram.By supporting Bahar Library, you're not just donating to a cause; you're investing in the future of children in Ramin Village.
Raised: $167.348


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