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ARTXV the First Web3 Org for the Disabled Community
ARTXV is the 1st Web3 org for the disabled community, starting off as the 1st NFT collective for neurodivergent artists (any condition or disability which involves brain function that differs from the 'norm', e.g. autism, ADHD, bipolar etc.)We have now expanded to provide support and opportunities for all disabled creatives across the globe 🚀What do we do?We give underrepresented and marginalised artists the exposure, financial independence and recognition they deserve through selling their work as NFTs, which they were previously denied by the traditional art world.We also provide a community and safe place for the wider disabled community to be onboarded onto Web3.How did ARTXV start?ARTXV was started by 2 sisters, Ava and Tara.Ava, a student from London, started ARTXV because of her big sister Tara, an autistic, non-verbal artist. Ava tried to get the traditional art world to recognise Tara's work but was continuously turned away and not taken seriously once people would realise she's autistic, something that all the neurodivergent artists in ARTXV have experienced.That all changed with NFTs, where our artists have been wholeheartedly embraced by the Web3 community <3DID YOU KNOW: Leonardo DaVinci, Picasso and Andy Warhol were all thought to be neurodivergent? Their neurodivergence heavily influenced their work and made them the artists they are celebrated as today.The neurodivergent artists of today have the ability to be the next Picassos, DaVincis and Warhols of our time, they just need the opportunities to do so.ARTXV is preparing for its VERY FIRST DROP on 30th June. Help us grow our team and community of neurodivergent artists, art lovers and allies.What have we been up to?-We became the 1st NFT collective to partner with Google Arts & Culture, following our artists and their stories. See the project here.-We've officially announced our 17 artists. Meet them here.-We were featured in Forbes! Read here.-We were featured across Times Square-We were the official artwork for NFT.London's NFT tickets-We participated in TED (TED Talk)-We featured in Dua Lipa's Service95 newsletterSocials:Website: https://artxv.orgTwitter:
Raised: $97.728


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