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🌱We are building a community of Food Forests that anyone can interact with. Our members are building lifelong reputation while creating content and context about natural common resources.Thanks to Giveth and Gitcoin we were able to kickstart and build a treasure with signers from different countries.🌴 Thanks to these funds we were able to:Build online community around agroforestry, with 2500 followers on X and 200 on Telegram and a huge learning about web3 communities and tools, always with the goal of creating a rooted incentive's economy.Build a digital workspace showcasing seasonal agendas from areas cultivated together, gathering data on stewardship, hosting new protocols to incentivize seed guardians, knowledge building, mentorships and other positive sum rooted interactions. We are dedicated to build a community-reviewed bounty system for the seasonal tasks, in other words, adapting the Web3 way of working to the community agriculture realm.We are building an ETH treasure and searching for partners to be able to offer a wide range of incentives, from coins to gear, seeds and tools . We hope to be able to offer scholarships and mentorships in exchange for relevant content creation and local community activities.We distributed Hypercerts linking those volunteering in the planting of our pilot agroforestry system at Redemption Hill, this way recognizing the contribution and opening channels for retroactive funding or other benefits.During the Trusted Seed Regen Alliances Unconference we started a pilot for a Seed Steward Network, where stewards that join our workspace get seedNFTs, and when they trade seeds IRL they can also registred a seednft exchange and be retroactivelly funded.Improve the collective knowledge about Syntropic Agriculture of the web3 native community by posting the seasonal changes of our pilot system.Below we can see the design plan of our Syntropic Nests (made in September) and the results, in a picture taken in December. In the photo we can see a nest with banana, corn, pumpking, avocado, inga and jackfruit just below the mexican sunflower shade:The agro-web3 framework for mutual support we are building with our pilot is going to be open for other long term agroecosystems around the world. We are going to recognize their efforts with onchain certificates and create support channels as we share the same workspace, and connect them with mutual support platforms such as Giveth.We believe that having recognition and shared perspectives about community issues like mutual support, care for the stewards, web3 partnerships, seasonal agendas, investments and capacity building can help bring people to collaborate and establish more food forests as commons. For more news on Redemption Hill and what we are doing please check the updates tab :)Thank you so much for you support!
Raised: $2,775.228


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