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We are a community with the purpose of buiding coordination between agroforest stewards and web3 users. We want to allow members to build lifelong reputation and credentials while creating content and context for Food Forest Commons education and enterpreneuship.Thanks to Giveth and Gitcoin we were able to raise funds in a multisig with signers from different countries and gender.Thanks to these funds we were able to:Launch a website March 2023 we were able to forward invest in a 1/2 ha pilot for decentralized land stewardship, where we are cultivating autumn beans and preparing for the Spring intervention in October when we gonna plant a large syntropic food forest. Anyone can join and receive a share of the harvests by buying the NFT "Feijão Amigo" . Holders of this first batch will have a 50% discount for a share in the Spring Food Forest. We have harvested the beans and after distributed to the NFT holders those remaining are now assets that belong to AgroforestDAO and will be used for perks,events and incentives for members engagement.We also were able to host an event to celebrate 1 year aniversary of our movement during ETH Rio in March. We served a dinner made with products from partners and strenghten the connections between city and rural humans.We are currently onboarding new collaborators and are now focusing on land stewards from the Ekonavi network. There are over 600 agroforestry units in it. We hope to be able to offer scholarships and mentorships in exchange for relevant content creation.If we get more donations we will use it to build a treasury with the goal of funding our pilot for 4 years and using it to build templates that could facilitate the follow up of agroforestry progress. So far we have found useful to plan for biannual missions with monthly quests that once completed agents get rewarded. Building intergenerational food production is a cheaper investment than building digital infrastructure, and therefore we are searching for collaborations to build on-chain social profiles, incentives and reputation systems for long term members.We believe that having recognition, a career and retirement plans can help bring more people to collaborate and build ever more Food Forest Commons.Thank you so much for you support!
Raised: $1,995.047


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