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Aave Delegated Credit Markets - Polygon Application
Currently one of the biggest challenges in DeFi are uncollateralized and undercollateralized lending. Ultimately, AAVE and other lending protocols are suffering with low yields for their depositors, who are eager to get better APYs.Exploring this opportunity, AAVE created the Credit delegation feature, allowing liquidity providers to delegate their credit to other users to earn extra yield. However, the feature brings extra risks. What if borrowers do not repay their debt?Along with Aave Grants, Protofire started to build a Marketplace for Credits, to increase the adoption of Credit Delegation feature, connecting lenders and borrowers in a user friendly platform, that will allow the peer-to-pool model, what made EthLend to grow and become Aave.This platform can go beyond, by scaling the use of new kinds of collateral. Real world assets are not yet widely adopted as collateral in DeFi. Market share of RWA in MakerDAO is tiny, however it generates the majority of yields for the major segment of DeFi.We are applying for a grant from Polygon to finish this platform and deploy in this major L2 chain, unlocking a new wave of yield and credit in DeFi.
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