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The Commons Simulator: Level Up!
The Commons Simulator is a gamified simulation tool powered by a cadCAD backend that was developed by the Commons Stack's Decentralized Dev community. The intention is to blend art and simulation into a dystopian sci-fi storyline. In the game, you travel back in time to use cadCAD as a tool to help a community design a regenerative Commons with the potential to save the world from total planetary and economic destruction.The Commons Simulator helps to illustrate one of the core missions of the Commons Stack:Empowering communities to design their own economies using open source simulation tools.We have already launched our first level! Play it now at to change the future and save humanity with RadicalxChange & Conviction Voting!Donations to this project will go towards helping us level up! We want to make the simulator even more fun! The next level will expand on this foundation with a focus on the Augmented Bonding Curve as you leap into a new character and a new community. This is the coolest front end for cadCAD so far, and we are just getting started.Read more about the Commons Simulator in our launch blog post, or learn more about the "magic" cadCAD backend in our deep dive blog post series with parts 1, 2, and 3!
Raised: $3,412.719


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