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The 21 Day Mental Balance Challenge aka Meditate 2 Earn
This project is about matching meditation contributions of participants in the Online 21 Day Mental Balance Challenge from Dec 1 to 21.Project Description:Participants place a deposit (a financial commitment) to participate in a 21 days challenge that contains 15 minutes of daily guided meditations (live on Zoom, 7:15-7:30am UTC (London)).For each session that they complete, they receive back 1/21 of their deposits, redeemable at completion of the program after Dec 21 2021.How can you help?You can boost participants' meditation contribution with your donations. We will share the donations with the participants proportionally (depending on their participation rate9.Want to learn more details?You can also sign up for this meditation challenge here: .Updates from the project's first trial (ended December 21): snapshot of series of results after every 12 minute meditation session: What's next for this project? Build a scalable product for rollout in Q1 integrating results from the first trial batch completed in December 2021. Build partnerships with organizations that help offer these 21x12minute interventions to their commuities.Build a solid model to scale meditate to earn model (need to do some more research for sound token economics)Test, Measure, Integrate, Scale.
Raised: $1,021.449


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