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New Earth Regenerative Collective 100 Hectares Project
Co-creating the New Earth by collectively stewarding a 100 hectare regenerative agriculture land & water protection project in Central America.Vision & Mission:We are developing a self sufficient eco village on a large 100 hectare (240 acres) piece of sacred land. ​We envision a reality in which our needs are met in abundance.We create our own truly regenerative system and are able to exit the mainstream matrix system which does not work for us but against us.Because our needs are met with ease, our conscious awareness expands to exploring our passions, sharing our natural gifts with the world, caring for others, focusing on spiritual growth and raising the collective vibration. We are masterplanning a regenerative agriculture food forest + permacultural development that is focused on regenerative design inspired by nature.  With the values of people care, earth care and fair share intertwined, we believe this can be achieved while still enjoying our own unique and comfortable space.  Model:How we're planning out the 100 hectares:50% for reforestation initiatives & dietary needs of the village and surrounding community2% Animal husbandry for fertilizing land, maintaining growth of weeds on land, supply eggs & dairy, transportation​1% Harvesting production facilities2% Large biodynamic vegetable and herbal garden and greenhouses40% Food forest 5% Hardwood plantation for future building30% for homes and co-living spaces​10% for future business and passion projects5% for consciously stewarding natural resourcesSpring waterRiver waterHydroelectric energy storage facilityRainwater collectionBatteries & generatorMain septic tanksAnaerobic digester​​5% developed communal shared spaceRoadsNature trailsOutdoor recreation fieldSchool, playground, educational spacesYoga/meditation deckEvent spaceFire pitOutdoor kitchen & dining spaceFundraising:We have acquired the land and are in the process of fundraising for the permaculture and natural building development aspect so that this community becomes fully self sustaining, shares the abundance of resources with our surrounding community, and shares education and open source tools online with our global community so that others may steward their own regenerative agriculture projects that follow this model of self sufficiency, collective stewardship and resource sharing.We are raising funds for our reach goals and will hold onto funds until we reach our goal, then utilize them for purchasing materials and staffing labor to get the work done. Here are our reach goals:$15k materials & labor costs for raising up (5) large greenhouses$20k budget for seeds, saplings, starter trees, soil and fertilizer to plant our 40 hectares (~100 acres) food forest$25k construct a covered harvest processing center$35k construct a bamboo and hardwood curing and processing center$504k salary for (5) full time gardeners and (5) full time general construction workers and (2) specialized construction workers for the first 5 years$90k build a multi purpose space used for housing volunteers and visitors, hosting educational retreats and workshops, and a co-working space for our media team$100k construct an alternative childrens school and cover the costs of accreditation applications and legal fees$250k Hiring full time school teachers for the first 5 years
Raised: $2.233


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