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Moloch Cloudship
Moloch CloudshipWhy Moloch Cloudship?Reduce EntropyGather work, communication, and coordination into one hubProvide a simple, visual, tangible work flowBuild rich work spaces with ample integrationsDAO to DAO CoordinationBreak down barriers between DAO coordinationBring DAOs together in a more intimate environmentProvide a rich personal experience with your team and DAO membersGamify Problem SolvingMake work and collaboration funIncentivize quality work that helps the communityPromote fast product/service developmentSocial CohesivenessIntimate engagementOne step closer to IRLInteractive eventsTone, gestures, and body language are present, leading to more understanding and richer contextWhat Is Moloch CloudshipOk, picture this:We build a spaceship in the open metaverse. As we walk through the halls we see doors with signs above them. One is MetaGame. One is MetaCartel. One is Token Engineering Commons. You enter one and are presented with a built-out space (built by their community or directed by and sponsored by their community). You see a door labeled “DAO”, a door labeled “Hangout”, a door labeled “Workspace”, a door labeled “Players” (or whatever is a VIP to their community. Players for MG.). As you work within your own space, you can walk down the hall to TEC and work on tokenomics in their workspace, walk down the hall to hire Raid Guild, down the hall to vote in someone else’s DAO or at the DAO Dome that has all the DAOs represented on the ship. So, basically everyone is floating on this ship, building out our cloud cities from within the ship. We shift all things we do on discord and Github and notion into this ship. As we build out our cloud cities, we are orbiting Earth to establish our cloud cities when we are prepared. One by one, the ship should empty, as we all build out IRL cities all over earth. So, the ship can represent Moloch. We can build ghostly demons showing up around the ship that hold info about a problem that needs solving from amongst one or all of these DAOs. The demons can be “cast out” if the raid is taken on and succeeds. Then demon is slain. In MetaGame, we are currently looking to gamify our work as well. This allows us to silo everything we do in discord, notion, discourse, snapshot, Github, etc all in one platform. While also allowing for many different ways to gamify each aspect we want.DAO Members🐙Musashi13#5579Misanthb0gieAperionCreations150CyberWarlockContractsMoloch Cloudship(DaoHaus)Site: Contract: 0x6Da39B984811FA079CcDDA88dDf2D168f03618ca Gnosis Minion Contract: 0xa24489c24062a080b74039fba43e879b52425dc4Moloch Cloudship Booty(Gnosis Safe)Site: Safe Address: 0x42E4a3C74221BE985bD8C8161b1Cea09cBc34280
Raised: $526.344


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