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Social (Charity) Tokens and DAO + Carbon AccountingThis is a public goods economy, including carbon credits counting and retirement system. Carbon Reward these who retire their carbon credits.Automatic transformation of XML namespaces and XML BoilerAutomatically transform between XML namespaces - the project to replace HTML in the future.General Topology in an algebraic wayIn short: I did a math discovery two discoveries that would be done shortly after 1937 but nobody before me was able to guess during about 60 years.Foundational D Language LibrariesA bunch of foundational D Language libraries.Axiomatic Theory of FormulasProbably the future method of microchip development. Discovered what mathematician missed: formulas (including the infinite one).Virtual Scientific Conference onlineI have created one of a kind online virtual scientific conference, that is wiki where one can publish his or her research and communicate with other scholars.Zon DirectoryBlockchain hybrid of Twitter, LiveJournal, Amazon Kindle, software store, video hosting, file hosting, and Dmoz, etc....Salaries Science (blockchain salaries for common goods, especially for science)Like GitCoin grants, but with allocating a part of a donation to dependencies/cites (to help basic science and free software components), and with affiliate program for no scientific discovery to go unnoticed. To be implemented on Internet Computer blockchain.Convert ERC-1155 <-> ERC-20 (need pay contract deployment)What is ERC1155<->ERC20<->ETH bridge?&nbsp;Convert between ERC-1155, ERC-20, and ETH in both directions in several ways (locking or wrapping).
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