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The Giveth Matching Pool is raising funds for future donation matching to verified projects on Giveth! It is a one-stop-shop for donors who want to ensure their donation has a broad impact.Our vision for the Future of Giving is a world in which giving is effortless and people are rewarded for making positive change. Give to donation.eth, make a difference for public goods, and get rewarded with GIVbacks.Donations to this project as well as funds sent directly to the donation.eth multisig on Mainnet or Gnosis Chain are eligible for GIVbacks. In both cases, 100% of the funds collected will be distributed to verified projects on Giveth. Note: only donations in tokens on the GIVbacks token list are eligible for GIVbacks.The donation.eth multisig is a 7/15 multisig managed by core Giveth team members. Once we have reached our goal of $500,000 we will begin to distribute the funds to verified projects on Giveth at the end of each 2-week donation round.The intention of the raise goal is to ensure we have enough funds to provide significant matching ($10-20k) every 2 weeks for a full year (26 total rounds). The exact details of how the donations will be distributed are to-be-determined. If you want to help us design the system for allocating these matching funds, please weigh-in with your comments in our forum. We’ll keep you posted with the results in project updates!Note: We are not matching funds to this project, we are using these funds to provide additional funding to other verified projects.
Raised: $17,585.72

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