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Gaia Gives - Web3 Philanthropy for Radical TransparencyIf we’re serious about a regenerative future, philanthropy needs a revolution.The reality is modern philanthropy is inefficient, boring, and broken.Donors have a hard time finding vetted impact projects 🧐, don’t know where their money is spent 🔮, and rarely get updated on the true impact of their donation 🥱. Impact projects spend significantly to find donors 💰, struggle to engage donors 📣, and have no clear way to demonstrate their impact 📋.So we are creating Gaia Gives, a blockchain-based fundraising platform that promotes impact projects, with a radically transparent fundraising engine that enhances storytelling, aids fundraising, and rewards donors for their participation. Our platform is a complete rethinking of charitable giving, with the goal of turning donors into collaborators to help fuel a regenerative future.Why Gaia Gives can make an impact:Milestone Based Fundraising - Project goals are broken into achievable milestones with proceeding funds released after successful completion of each step.Transparent Budgets and Impact Verification - Projects submit proof for each milestone, and donors collectively verify if the goal was actually accomplished.Payments Tracked On Blockchain - Be certain your money is going to the right place with blockchain-powered track and trace payments.Curated Database of Impact Projects - Projects are verified for impact and fiscal responsibility before listing and supported with coaching and mentorship once accepted.Donate Cash and Crypto in Seconds - Smoothly create a wallet, allocate, and adjust monthly giving to multiple projects without paying additional gas fees. Get News Feed Updates At Every Step - Better stories lead to more donations. We help projects connect directly with their donors through dynamic project updates that easily reformat for social sharing to other platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Tiktok.Give Recurring Crypto Donations with minimal Gas Fees - Accepting 50+ cryptocurrencies and fiat, our wallet manages automated monthly donations and minimizes gas fees letting donors keep full custodianship of their funds.Built-In Fiat On and Off-Ramping - Accepting fiat and allowing the payment of fiat to 74 countries, an essential feature for less tech-savvy impact projects. Massive Launch Partners - The Ocean Cleanup Project, UNIFY, Viva Con Agua, Surfrider Foundation, and Grassroots Economics to name a fewToken Economy and Decentralization in 2023 - Tokens reward donors for giving, verifying milestones, and contributing to platform curation. We aim to gradually decentralize the platform’s governance with token holders providing governance direction.Fuel Our Future - Why Give?Until we close our first round of investment, we have little fuel in our tank to help build community and gain early traction. After 1.5 years of work, all members of the project are still working without a salary, having invested significantly into the project.Funds raised via Gitcoin will go towards helping us expand our community and begin preparing the market for our launch, as well as pay the salary pending of Patri. Other Ways To SupportSign Up To Get Notified For Launch (Free NFTs Coming)Join Our Telegram Community
Raised: $14,443.247


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