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Diamante Luz Center for Regenerative Living
Diamante Luz is a space for integrated collaboration and cooperation with nature. Our residents, neighbors, and visitors have been drawn to the area in order to co-create a space for living and working in balance with all of our relations.As the first node of the Diamante Bridge Collective, we are passionate about the integration of permaculture and shared common land-based resources.We offer learning environments for ecological wellness and restoration so all ages can share knowledge and connect with the wisdom of this place.We provide spaces for things such as:Cultural centers for artisansProcessing kitchens for medicinal and food preparationsSyntropic food forests for food security Mentoring those passionate about becoming leaders of local food movements Environmentally responsible regenerative businessesAll whilst offering the space for personal development through community interaction.We are an evolving eco-village of nomadic co-creators at the beginning stages of development with many opportunities for regenerative investment for the benefit of future generations. The land itself has drawn us in with two majestic waterfalls of dramatically different characters, a spring that is in need of replenishment through reforestation efforts, and a three hectare section of land that we have set aside as protected forest and waterways. Much of our work takes place in transforming the ten hectares of pasture into a thriving live/work community with opportunities for collective and personal land stewardship. We are inspired to share our passions for clean water, healthy soil, clean air, and beautiful sustainable structures.Our beautiful onsite waterfall, who we lovingly call Abuela. Cleaning our waterways, and keeping them clean, is a core project within our collective. A snapshot from a cultural exchange event, held at Diamante Luz, with respected local Indigenous Elders. We shared food, gifts, stories, values and intentions. We continue to nurture these relationships in honor of our Indigenous wisdom keepers and for continued collaboration. 8th July 2021.The structure which houses the heart of our community - the sacred fire, the kitchen, and the gathering and sharing space. Currently our most solid structure on the land, and built with our own loving hands, and the help of many volunteers. So much takes place in this simple beautiful structure!Diamante Luz family sharing wholesome plant-based food at a community lunch. All the greens for our amazing salads come from the land!Our master Syntropic Permaculturist Travis Britzke out in the field, sharing his knowledge. We have planted more than 1000 plants and trees in the last 2 years at Diamante Luz. We are aiming for food sovereignty and food security! Our soils are rich for planting a wide biodiversity of edible species. We also share our knowledge of permaculture and planting through educational pursuits such as public Plant Walks, a Mentorship Program, and during our regular weekly Hands on the Land events. This is Travis teaching Syntropic farming in a Plant Walk in July 2021, at Diamante Luz.Wendy Planting a Syntropic Line!Diamante Luz Plant Nursery. Providing plants for our food forests, plus a regenerative enterprise that we can share, sell & trade with our neighbors, and other communities in the valley. Still in it's early stages and a current Trace on! Check it out here:;We value highly the sharing of our knowledge with the youth! Empowering those will become the stewards of our lands and our communities, in times to come. The youth, who are the key to positive transformation on our planet. We hold Sociocratic community meetings every Monday at Diamante Luz, upholding transparency in our decision making process and providing updates about the various aspects of our growing project! Each meeting starts with a "check-in", giving each person a chance to share with the group how they are feeling and what might be going on, on a personal level. This is part of how we look after each other, connect from the heart, and keep the communication channels open as we continue to build this new way of living together... a model we are constantly defining and creating as it unfolds before us. We value art, music, creativity and play! Seanny Ray on the accordion! Music with a view!Maps of our lands in progress. Diamante Luz is nestled inside the stunningly beautiful, rich and green Diamante Valley. Our beloved river flowing from Abuela.
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