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Our missionSupport all climate movements and projects to raise funds (crypto or fiat), get more visibility, and find more contributors.Latest updatesWe started a newsletter to stay on top of everything happening at the intersection of crypto and climate: The Climate Chain 🌍⛓ (subscribe!)We partnered with Gitcoin to launch a climate pool as part of their new Grant Round (GR12), a $250k quadratic funding pool to support projects that address the climate emergency (donate!)We started our first mirror crowdfunding for THE WEEK. A documentary series to mobilize for the climate emergency, produced by Frédéric Laloux (author of the bestseller book “Reinventing Organizations” that is inspiring many DAOs today) and Hélène Gérin.Who we areWe are a growing community of active citizens that take initiatives in our communities to transition to a more sustainable world. Some of us organize marches for the climate, others start community gardens, reclaim the public space, make movies, make art. Some create mutual aid funds to help their community after a natural disaster, others build software, ... We are all hummingbirds doing our part and we are coming together here to support each other.See also our shared values and principles.What we are working onA crypto climate newsletter to help people follow what’s happening at the intersection of climate and crypto: new projects, new job opportunities. Subscribe to the climate chain. 🌍⛓ A directory of climate justice related crypto projects and DAOs (see our current Twitter List)Help movements for the climate use web3We worked with Gitcoin on their GR12 climate. We onboarded dozens of projects and helped them receive funds in crypto.Onboarding people who want to work at the intersection of crypto and climate. Help them find the right climate related DAO they can contribute to, or start their ownDocumentation and training to help anyone learn about how they can use crypto and DAOs to create a new regenerative economy for their communityBuild a shared Swiss foundation to help projects that need to receive crypto donations and use them in their local currencySoftware library to solve common issues that are not addressed yet by other DAOsParticipatory budget to start experimenting with votingWhere we are goingWe are building the new Greenpeace for the 21st century: decentralized, transparent and open for everyone to contribute.Where we startedMany of us ran into the issue of collecting and disbursing money as a collective. It is not sustainable to create a non profit entity with a bank account for every single initiative. That’s why we created a shared non profit “All for Climate” that all of us can use to raise money, get our expenses reimbursed, apply for funding, etc. Today there are more than 130 collectives hosted by All for Climate.ContributeHave a look at the open roles or join us on Discord to share your idea or project. There are many ways you can contribute to the community.Join ushttps://discord.allforclimate.earth 
Raised: $26.739


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