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🌱 Gardens (built by 1Hive) is a modular coordination mechanism giving organizations in low trust + inefficient environments streamlined access to web3’s best spending strategies like Conviction Voting, Quadratic Funding, Streaming Proposals, Bounties, and more, which they can use to invest their treasuries in any combination of instances.Our emphasis is on a community experience that’s healthy, fun, intuitive, secure, open, and trustlessThe keystone of Gardens infrastructure is the Community Covenant, which serves the role of:encoding a community’s values / mission in an on-chain social contractlinking that Covenant to the various smart contracts that make up the communities funding and spending strategies.allowing people to stake tokens to support the Covenant, giving them access to participate in spending strategies and community decisions.All of our code is open-source. Always has been and always will be. 🌱Gardens v1 pioneered the Conviction Voting funding mechanism, and saw modest adoption - reaching a max TVL of $40.5 million and distributing millions of dollars in tokens to Gardens communities with no successful attacks or malicious/abusive proposals passed to date.Gardens v1 numbers:30+ communities3,000+ members400+ proposals passed12 disputes resolved through Celeste arbitrationGardens v2 launched in April 2024.Helpful Links:AppDiscordTwitter / XGithubWikiFarcaster
Raised: $1,531.526


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