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10 h ago
From our teenagers to our elders, more women are living without shelter in the U.S. 💔
In the 9 plus years STLC has been out on the streets with our beloved clients facing homelessness, we’ve seen many alarming trends. As the crisis grows, populations of our most vulnerable humans continue to increase. This includes our women, from preteens to our elders aka people’s daughters, sis...
11 h ago
Meet a new volunteer member Mo Patel
This is Mo Patel she heard about the project at envision and is inspired to help with the project. She is a baker and would be happy to support with making food for the project but she'd also enjoy getting hands on the construction side and help tie the structure together! Look forward to you all...
1 d ago
Disaster Relief Fund Update - 30.03.2023
Hello dear donors and frens, We have been discussing on how to distribute the funds collected until now. Big shout out to 1INCH community who have donated 50K USDC. Seems like a good amount to have an impact. We will start with the water support to our contacts in the area. We are also kicking of...
1 d ago
Keeping the sacred fire of inspiration. Elders and Youth
For more than five years we have held the sacred space within Envision festival. Through great work and devotion, we have opened a path for tribal elders to teach the next generation of carriers of native thought by hosting their teachings within the festival. Our task was not small. We united fo...
1 d ago
Abandoned by their Own Parents
Food Distributions. Half of 50 children abandoned 😭 by their own parents, 😧 take turns in studying, to give way and chance to their smarter siblings.
2 d ago
State of Homelessness Report Released
2 d ago
Working on 10 weeks series with kids on circular economy & sustainability
We are currently developing a 10 week course for kids in Berlin with the topic of circular economy & sustainability 😍 The goal is to then digitise the course so more kids will have access to it. In this workshop series, we look at the topics of sustainability in everyday life, waste, recycling...
3 d ago
Happy (late) 2023!
What a year 2022 was! ARTXV got to get involved in some exciting projects and take us from London to across the world! Some things we got up to: -We became the official cover art for NFT.London's NFT tickets -We featured in Dua Lipa's Service95 newsletter -We featured across Times Square -We spok...
3 d ago
Weekly Update: Quiet Ship Without the Capitan
The Capitan is officially on Holiday. The Crew will play while the Capitan's away. So there is 3 Crew Left aboard at the moment and soon to be Just Josh and Appa. We have a cool Project starting in June but at the moment we don't have a lot of diesel to keep the boat fully operational and food co...
4 d ago
New Alliance with Regenesis!
We are excited about our growing alliance with Travis Britzke, founder of Regenesis Permaculture Design & Education. is now featuring his experience, services, training topics, portfolio, and a detailed project intake form for land owners. Learn more here: W...
4 d ago
V0.4 released!
We've finally released the long waited version v0.4 after several reschedules. The main highlights are listed bellow: * 3 new playable creatures: Stomper, Vehemoth, Golden Wyrm * 3 new epic sound tracks * one new combat location *...
5 d ago
Page update
Welcome to Follow The Black Hare, an open-source game that aims to popularize scientific methods among teenagers. Our team believes that gameplay and an engaging story can be powerful tools for teaching real-world technology and science. We're committed to integrating learning into fun with our c...
5 d ago
GIVlog: S9
Hey Fam. We’re back with updates after an interesting 9th season. We’re happy to announce we’re switching storage to Ceramic’s new ComposeDB. We’ve put in many hours on the upgrade, and we’re currently running tests. We’ve kept hitting the milestones, standing up a demo environment for 3Box Labs ...
6 d ago
Check our revamped LinkTree
6 d ago
Retroactive funding
We are partici´pating among big names. You can support us with your voting power. Support us in less than 30 sec and three steps: 1. Enter 2. Distribute your votes to Urbánika, Giveth, and maybe another proejct you love 3. Sign. It's gasless, so no cost. That's it. You...
7 d ago
Funding So Far...
Sept2Help is yet to meet its financing goals to meet with the laid out project. So far via connections the project has raised a little above $200. All transactions are carefully documented and will be made available as soon as necessary.
8 d ago
Q3 & Q4 2022 Updates
Yohana and Ester continue their learning journey at SINA in Uganda. In this video they explain their experience in the replication journey Watch them present their progress updates in front of other SINA scholars Back in Njombe, we have been looking for land where NIA will be based. Ludewa is wel...
8 d ago
Q4 2022 Updates
Philipo came back three years after his internship and he has been doing product development and market research: * Ruler tests did not turn out well yet * A number of interviews about the maize grinder captured here If you or anyone you know wants to do similar work, lets us know! In October N...
8 d ago
Submitted manuscript
We submitted the book and it is looking strong. Working on the cover now. Should have all into the publisher this week. We're looking at a publishing date in later September 2023.
8 d ago
Getting ready for the PHD process
We are preparing to engage the town of Tulum in the PHD (Philosopher Democracy) process to educate them about community currencies and get their input on the design of Tulumcoin. In this process's random sampling of the Tulum residents do through a discovery and exploration process to develop a r...
8 d ago
Q1 2023 UPDATE
Hello Giveth community. It's been a busy three months! Here's a quick recap of what we achieved: * Teamed up with the Gitcoin Passport team to write a case study on our implementation of their sybil-resistance product. * Launched our ...
9 d ago
Thank you!
2023 is off to a good start with in-patient treatments increasing year over year. Research in conjunction with Emory University continues as well. Thank you to all who supported us financially and/or sent us good vibes throughout 2022!
9 d ago
About the 8th edition
Your monthly crypto event was a blast! The November Edition of the Rio Crypto Hub was unmissable and in an unprecedented format, addressing the theme of Decentralized Finance (DeFI), in the most beautiful creative space in the South Zone, with a lot of information, decentralization, innovation an...
9 d ago
Documenting Our Success
C3 Mobility had a successful launch this summer and is planning for an expanded version of the project. Below is an excerpt from this article we wrote describing the program. Check out this podcast to hear directly from members of the DAO. Preliminary data from C3 Mobility is encouraging. Accordi...
10 d ago
New mentoring pairs all over Europe
Dear Giveth community, 2023 started well for ROCK YOUR LIFE! and all our volunteers. We will be launchung new mentoring pairs in most parts of Germany and Switzerland as well as in select cities in Austria, Spain and the Netherlands. Many of the young people we support nowadays are refugees from ...
10 d ago
AbjaDAO Launch and Other Pprojects
Hello Taxir followers :) Late last February, we launched AbjaDAO, the first standardized and methodical Arabic glossary for blockchain terminology, in beta version, to collect feedback from the community until the beginning of May, when we plan to publish the final version. You can check out the ...
10 d ago
New interns!
We are growing! We have now currently 4 interns helping us out :) We are very glad for the support received!
10 d ago
Minting Website Live
Fresh new minting website: We expect to open minting soon.😎
10 d ago
Preventing Child Marriage and sexual abuse through education
As a result of the growing rate of school dropped out, child marriage and sexual abuse due to poverty, we wrote to the Enugu State Ministry of Education to approve us to start a campaign with the aim to educate children on how to prevent sexual abuse and child marriage. Our request was approved. ...
10 d ago
We're now on Twitter!
We are now active on Twitter!
10 d ago
Launching of our Official Website! Dedicated to all ReGenerative Investors
Our Latest Uodate from just yesterday we have a whole new Website! here it is! Please share any comments, questions or feedback!
10 d ago
1Q2023 Update - Public Nouns
Public Nouns has done some interesting things in the past few months Public nouns attended the GM! Podcast! -> GM! Ep 2. Public Nouns, a revolution for public goods funding: Public Nouns supported Blocks Garden to make Etherum Green + give Public Nouns ...
10 d ago
Gardens Update - March 2023
RECENTLY COMPLETED: * Migrated all of 1Hive’s subgraphs from hosted service to The Graph’s decentralized subgraph network * Deployed Gardens to Goerli network following the deprecation of Rinkeby testnet * Fixed an issue that had broken 1Hive’s BrightID sponsorships. NEAR-TERM OBJECTIVES...
10 d ago
2023 Update
We are currently working on this project on a broader scale to maximize impact. More details to follow soon!
10 d ago
Updates about Delegations
ITU Blockchain has became a Starknet delegate! As ITU Blockchain, we will manage this process in accordance with decentralized protocols as much as possible. Delegations will go through various approval processes! Stay tuned! Happy to announce that we're applied for dYdX's Endorsed Delegation We ...
10 d ago
DJ Boat Party x Live-Stream NFT's
In 2 weeks we will be celebrating the successful project launch with a boat party on the beach w/live-stream NFT's.
11 d ago
Updated explorer UX!
✅ new filters ✅ quest chain categories ✅ sorting options ✅ featured section
12 d ago
My Computer is Broken
Hi, it's Rod Mamin, founder or LunCo. My main laptop is broken, and quite outdated. To work on LunCo I need a quite powerful computer, that costs around $3000-$4000. I'm not sure what exact computer to buy, but it should be Linux friendly, available in Thailand, and have a powerful graphics card....
13 d ago
Code Completion
We're excited to announce that we've completed the code for! Our team has been working hard to develop a secure and reliable bot that will make it easy for users to transect cryptocurrency in a safe and transparent way on Discord. With the completion of the code, we're now moving into t...
14 d ago
Fifth tree planting campaign by the Isla Grande Brook Citizen Water Observatory
On March 14th, 2023, the Isla Grande Brook Citizen Water Observatory, along with the Municipality of Sarapiqui and the Arenal Huetar Norte Conservation Area conducted its fifth and last tree campaign of trees planted in Gata Farm nearly a year ago. This Citizen Water Observatory is committed in t...
14 d ago
Commission Created for the Development of the Colorado River Museum
Considering that: The Colorado River basin is surrounded by the Barra del Colorado National Wildlife Refuge, the largest in the country in terms of strict protection of flora and fauna. This refuge protects important wetlands categorized as Ramsar Sites, as well as endangered wildlife and various...
15 d ago
Yearbook page design
The TechClub students designed a nice looking yearbook page. It provides a nice view into some of the work we're doing.
15 d ago
Interoperability with the DBC and a new website
Today the Diamante Bridge Collective elected me the lead link of the regenerative enterprise circle. I hope that this will result in healthy intero-operability between what I have built here in Zapotal/Las Tumbas/Web3 and the DBC with the wonderful work they do in San Salvador. I made a new landi...
20 d ago
Releasing our educational trading BOT built with AI (BETA)
// Crypto Trading Bot // Imports const ccxt = require('ccxt'); const { Trader } = require('trader'); const { Exchange } = require('exchange'); // Initialize the trader and exchange objects let trader = new Trader(); let exchange = new Exchange(ccxt); // Set up the trading parameters let currencyP...
24 d ago
llevando contenido a nuestra comunidad
En un aporte de llevar adopción crypto start ha comenzado a crear algunos tutoriales sobre cryptomonedas, eso con el fin que nuestra comunidad pueda entender bien el tema. pronto vendrán videos sobre nuestros emprendimientos y compartirán conocimientos canal:
24 d ago
ReFi @Paris Blockchain Week March 21st-23rd, 2023
STRATEGIES TO DESIGN RADICAL CARE.... A series of ReFi workshops during Paris Blockchain Week with an artistic flavor to foster participants creativity at the service of Regenerative Economy and Finance. > Giving away parts of self-sovereignty in exchange of protection has been a > trade-off in h...