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1 d ago
Crypto community meetup. Discussing “GreenPilled” book and ReFi Phangan initiatives
Talking about #Greenpilled book and ReFi Phangan initiatives at our Phangan crypto community meetup at @buddhacafephangan with @ionrod @rikgone  #GreenPill local Koh Phangan chapter
2 d ago
Starting point
Meravelles is a DAO of thought, creation and production of artistic, intellectual and technological artifacts. The goal of Meravelles is to become an engine for a diverse Catalan culture and a gear to articulate it with the world. You can read a briefing of the project at https://meravelles.notio...
2 d ago
It's Done!
THE GIVETH MURAL IN MEXICO CITY HAS COME TO LIFE THIS PAST WEEKEND. A heartfelt appreciation goes out to YOU project supporters, who have made a profound impact by: · Enhancing the beauty of public spaces · Promoting & celebrating the talent and creativity of women artists · Empowering artists to...
2 d ago
Project Drop #4!
We are happy to announce our fourth 3D NFT drop. 12 brand new digitzed skull sculputres hand crafted from cleaned up garbage in Tulum. ♻️💀 Check them out at:
2 d ago
Two new sections in out DIY finished and they are amazing!!
Went to Fazana to skate two new sections yesterday and they are not a game, at least not for me :) Really creative and fun two new pieces. The donations raised here weren't enough for these upgrades, so we will continue to save for the next occasion, when we need to close the part opposite to thi...
3 d ago
Do you have ENS tokens?
GM champs! Urbánika is participating in the ENS small grants. We want to get 1 ETH to gift ENS domains to up to 67 people attending our courses and successfully completing the challenges. Would you be so kind as to help us with your vote? is gasless and it'll take you less than a minute, pls supp...
3 d ago
ENS Grant: Vote for LunCo
Hi all, please help to win a 1 $ETH grant from ENS. LunCo was approved for this month Public Goods Grants If you have some $ENS, please vote for LunCo
5 d ago
📣Trusted Seed Unconference is back, and it's all about Web3 + AI this time! 🥳
Mark your calendar for June 14th to 28th, because we're gathering the finest minds and visionaries to chart the future of our digital world. We're eagerly looking forward to your presence once again! Register now and subscribe to the Trusted Seed calendar so you don’t miss out on our upcoming eve...
7 d ago
dOrg Hot Seat Podcast: The podcast about the hard tech questions
The dOrg Hot Seat is a tech podcast with audio-video format, where tech leads and founders of our favorite web3 infrastructure, products, protocols and top blockchain projects can showcase their latest releases to dOrg members, and dOrg builders ask highly technical related questions and debate t...
7 d ago
New mariola bee shelters in San Jose city
7 d ago
Sendero Living Lab Sponsor Pitch Deck
7 d ago
Community Garden On It's Way!
One For the Planet, Youth Nature and Arts Program, held in Kahramanmaras, has attracted the attention of mainly Syrian refugee children. After initiating the process of protecting the olive trees in the school garden, we continued with construction work to connect the waste water from the shared ...
7 d ago
May 2023
Hi everyone  We are in may 2023, we started this project 2 years ago !  We have learned so much on our way : experimenting different grey water systems, something works and some not ! And now we know :) we have arrived with a new design, more simple and more efficient and that requires less maint...
7 d ago
May 2023 ! We are growing and people want to help us !
Hi everyone :) We almost complete the first year in our new recycling center ! So much has been done, and there is still so much to do !! People around us are really looking at what we are doing and many are willing to help in different ways. We fundraise more than half of the money for our futur...
7 d ago
Rain is back !! The season has started 😉✨
Hi everyone :) We are ne May and the rain just came back ! we reviewed all the planting projects in the diamante valley. Most of the trees are in their second or Third year of growth, so we just pruned them to give them their future shape. We make them easy to climb and to maintain, making sure n...
8 d ago
For Contact
My email: My telegram @ApsGiv
8 d ago
Bitcoin Pizza Day in Sendero
9 d ago
Added Optimism address
Our grant has been updated to include the Optimism address for donations. (✨🔴_🔴✨)
10 d ago
Update for YTD 2023
We're making good progress towards our goal of getting to version 1.0.0 (full GoLang port) by Sept. 2023. Here's our latest status report:
11 d ago
Grant Received: Kava
We have received a grant to deploy to the kava evm co chain
11 d ago
Including Brazilian indigenous villages in the web3
We are including people from indigenous villages in the Brazilian Amazon into our education program and they are very engaged! They are learning web3 hard skills as well as soft skills! Its great to see them learn as well as build with our community! We cant wait to see what the future holds for ...
11 d ago
Update 23/05/2023
Currently we are working on the deployment of decentralized web3 governance platform which would include * Membership NFT gating * Sybil Resistant 2 FA Authentication feature( web3 friendly ) * Web3 Forum Discussion Platform * On-chain voting mechanism
13 d ago
IRL Event Coming Up
Plans have begun in earnest for our next IRL Event to be held on campus by August. We are looking to seat at least 500 person at this event (5x the number in our first event 😧). We are open to sponsorship and partnership. You can reach out to us via our mail, or via...
14 d ago
After difficult times...
As our country continues to experience economic challenges and our society becomes increasingly impoverished, pursuing ecologically based initiatives in practical terms is becoming increasingly difficult. Especially with the rise in the exchange rate of the dollar and inflation, we face difficult...
16 d ago
Thank you to all our Gitcoin Donnors 💚
Thank you to all our Gitcoin Donnors 💚
17 d ago
Empowering PEACE
PEACE to you all! We are getting further along in the development of our applications and curriculum! As we make more global connections in the space industry our team is growing! Our friends at Galaxer will be featuring a donation button for our cause in their app. Keep following us here for mor...
17 d ago
MyceliOhm Progresses.
This year at MyceliOhm we have been busy at work expanding our network and developing our content and applications. We are in the process of setting up our first commercial gourmet fungi grow and processing facility. We have done genetic selection on the strains we will be offering there. The fir...
20 d ago
A new donation from a close friend
I recently started giving updates to our project to my Facebook community and my dear friend Donald Schwander offered the foundation 100 dollars in bitcoin. now I attempted to transfer the money into giveth and then transfer it into staking on the Gnosischain but I didn't expect Ethereum gas pric...
21 d ago
New Section in our WebSite - Living Toilets!
New Section in our WebSite - Living Toilets!
22 d ago
C4H has been approved on Giveth !
Cosmos for Humanity has been approved by the Giveth verification's team ! As soon as the next GIVbacks round starts, your will begin receiving GIV tokens when you donate to our project. Moving forward, one step at a time ! Thank you Giveth !
25 d ago
Estamos en Gitcoin Beta Round
Hemos realizado una petición para participar en esta ronda de gitcoin si quieres apoyarnos pueden hacerlo aquí en Giveth y en Gitcoin.
25 d ago
We're crushing it in 2023!
2023 is cruising along, and Giveth has already had a number of significant updates! 🎙 GM! podcast launch 🏠 Giveth homepage makeover  🔔 In-house notification center  ⛓️ Polygon integration 💝 The Givers NFTs  🤝 Giveth Referral Program  🆕 RegenFarms UX updates  🐉 Giveth en Español & Català ⛓️...
25 d ago
Earthist is live on Gitcoin Beta Climate Solutions🔆🤖
If you appreciate our efforts to regenerate disaster areas through the use of hemp and public goods, we kindly request your support by donating before 23:59 UTC on May 9. Your donation will help us amplify our impact by up to 100 times, thanks to Gitcoin's quadratic funding mechanism 💰 ⬇️ Earthi...
26 d ago
Special appeal for Gitcoin Beta Round support
We greatly appreciated those who have donated to our project. Every donations you donated to our project on this great platform will be used to support children education under our care. We are participating on Gitcoin Beta Round grant and appeal for your support to achieve our goal for children....
26 d ago
Tech Club, Open Mic and Full Moon Planting Parties
Hola amigos! Our youth tech club is leading the charge on much of the work we're doing in our neighborhood. Here's a video where you can see them working on hosting their own prom at Leo's. Check out more of our recent work: Our latest Open Mic night session: And our ...
26 d ago
CFC Update No.1
Crowd Funded Cures wishes to use this funding to conduct a retrospective clinical study to help obtain backing of a pilot prospective interventional pharmacoeconomic randomised controlled trial (IVPE RCT) from a payer. We also intend to continue fundraising for our Generic Drug Repurposing Longev...
28 d ago
#GitcoinBETA Round thru May 9th - in support of Women in #STEM - Please donate!
We are participating in the #GitcoinBETA round. Thru May 9th. In this Quadratic Funding Round each 1 DAI donation will be matched with corporate funds. THE PROJECT IS - BOOK: WOMEN OF DESCI, REFI, RESCI & DEFI Shining a spotlight on the wonderful women who are leading the charge in these discipli...
28 d ago
Sneak peek
We're gearing up for a couple announcements/launches that will happen in parallel. First, we've been hard at work establishing a US based 501(c)(3) organization to more directly engage our US based donors. As part of that effort, our US organization will be launching a campaign to fundraise for o...
28 d ago
Our First Riding Arena is Up and Running!
Y’all. Thank you for your patience with us in updating our Giveth project! After four years on the ground, our first riding arena is up and running with our first group of middle school kids joining us three times per week. We are in talks with seven other schools, so hopefully we will be five da...
28 d ago
We need your help on GitcoinBeta! We are a team of enthusiasts, and we are making a sci-fi game in Web3 LOR and articles on cognitive biases. Help with the development of the game on Gitcoin! Web3 community and education:
29 d ago
Bloom in Gitcoin Beta 🌸
Hi frens! Since our last update, we've been pilot planning with Kolektivo’s nature-backed stablecoin with Blooms in Diamante Valley, Costa Rica (they're here on Giveth!) and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Completed our offers and needs feature and set up social chat for peer knowledge and resource shari...
29 d ago
Building QF
Hey Givers! We're excited to announce that we have started building a quadratic funding integration on! We'll be launching our MVP later this year which will empower verified projects to run campaigns to raise funds in a 2-week round, and we'll distribute additional matching funds via Q...