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Libya & Morocco need us!

Giveth is rallying support to provide emergency supplies to the victims of these devastating catastrophes.

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1 h ago
Thank You
Thank you all our Donors, We were able to distribute tons of water and trucks loads of hygiene supplies, especially to the villages in the disaster area. As we for saw, by the months passed the main problem of the victims turned into housing problems, and we were able to pay 64 rents for people w...
10 h ago
Bloom <> Giveth Integration Supporting Local Projects
Hey just wanted to report back on how the Uganda local Bloom hub is going on Giveth! We're finding a good flow for connecting Bloom Network and Giveth that we're really happy about. Thank you Danibelle from Giveth, you visionary beyond beyond. It took us years to get here but we're doing it! Here...
23 h ago
Much needed medical care...
Through generous Bitcoin donations, the church was able to help a senior member of their community, Anyim Zedekiah, to see a doctor for a foot injury. He has been suffering for several months, as heath insurance and proper medical care is scarce in his village of Migori, Kenya. But the church ste...
3 d ago
Our ongoing educational journey
We continue on our journey to help Spanish-speakers understand Web3, blockchain and AI through events and tutorials. As part of WAGMI LATAM, we hosted a Girl Pow3r event that brought together over 60 women in Mexico City to explore blockchain technology and Web3 opportunities. We also hosted a da...
3 d ago
18/09/2023 - Almost there!!! Final Steps!!!
But we urge your help to get there! Your donation will make a huge difference in making our dream come true! We are currently seeking to enhance our digital presence to really make our movement take off! So, we are sharing here all the links for our other pages so you can be with us in each and e...
6 d ago
Successful Charity Collab: Shredding Sassy ( and Skate Cuida!
Bob Burnquist - Lugano Drop shredittv.eth Jump into Bob Burnquist's Shredit Drop and make a difference. By collecting, you're not just grabbing a slice of skateboarding's legacy but also ensuring all proceeds are split 50-50 between two impactful causes. Instituto Skate Cuida, co-founded by Burnq...
6 d ago
Starting in less than a week, this year's edition exceeds our expectations! We went over our budget, but thx to the support from some local institutions, it seems the Giveth donations will remain for some worse times or the next DIY upgrade.
7 d ago
Obtained the domain name.
We have obtained the web domain i.e. Soon will share an under construction page. We are working hard to make this project a reality. We would also share a white paper with you soon. thanks !!
14 d ago
Nice friday!
Everything in pro to educate in WEB3
14 d ago
ReFi conference at Perez Zeledon
15 d ago
Lets go - Check our instagram
Hello friends, we keep going. Check our instagram to see
15 d ago
Thanks #Celo for your support! 🌅

15 d ago
16 d ago
Minting Page is live on Testnet
Finally our Minting Page is live on Celo Alfajores Testnet Take a look on it and feel free to give us your feedback on our socials 🍀 Minting page link:
17 d ago
Workshop Update
Thanks to the Eco Moyo Auction, we have successfully constructed our new workshop area, featuring two spacious classrooms designed for art, carpentry, and practical skills activities. In numerous Kenyan schools, creative pursuits are often overlooked and considered less important compared to trad...
17 d ago
Mycelia : Bridging Web3 to Indigenous Public Goods
UPDATE TIME 🍄 ✅ Mycelia has evolved significantly since our first Giveth publication. We've learned a lot and taken many steps forward that you can see in our GG18 proposal and Mycelia Pitch Deck. Our new approach is to focus first on building trust between Web3 & Indigenous Peoples around t...
18 d ago
We are also making jewelery from plastic waste
Take a look at this beautiful jewelry made from plastic waste. This is another facet of our work with recycled plastic and our fight for the environment. This plastic, instead of ending up polluting the ocean, has become art.
18 d ago
Our first table!
Greetings to the Giveth community. We continue working for this dream, we have assembled our first table (a beautiful table) with plates made of 100% recycled plastic. We want to continue growing and we want to do bigger things and that is why we need the support of this magnificent community. Th...
21 d ago
EM treated mud spheres launching into the El Salado Brook by the El Salado Brook Citizen Water Observatory
On July 8th, 2023, the El Salado Brook Citizen Water Observatory completed the second stage of its mud spheres festival by releasing 560 mud spheres into the brook under its stewardship. The local water supply association, 10 children from the Scouts movement and university students from three of...
21 d ago
Environmental Education seminar by the La Cabra Brook Citizen Water Observatory
On the World Environment Day, the La Cabra Brook Citizen Water Observatory, in the northern region of Tilaran, scheduled a number of seminars and workshops addressed to the community's school students over raising awareness on the importance of protecting our water bodies. This activity was made ...
21 d ago
Mud Spheres Workshop at Cuecha Brook by the local Citizen Water Observatory
The Cuecha Brook Citizen Water Observatory scheduled the Mud Spheres workshop on August 13th, 2023 aimed at its community members, as part of the first stage of its Mud Spheres Festival. This activity gathered participants of all age groups, with the attendance of local high schools, local coffee...
21 d ago
Mud Spheres release by the Grande Brook Citizen Water Observatory
On July 22nd, 2023, the Grande Brook Citizen Water Observatory completed the second stage of its Mud Spheres Festival, by releasing 1200 EM treated mud balls into their brook bed. This activity featured an ample participation of community members and the Costarican Red Cross volunteers attendance.
21 d ago
Mud spheres Festival by the Honda Brook Citizen Water Observatory
With great joy and an extensive community participation, the Honda Brook Citizen Water Observatory completed the second stage of its mud spheres festival on August 26th, 2023, with the release of their EM treated mud spheres into their riverbed. This activity involved the participation of communi...
21 d ago
First mud spheres festival by the Aguacaliente river citizen water observatory.
The recently created Aguacaliente river citizen water observatory run by Holcim cement company in Costa Rica scheduled the first stage of its mud spheres workshop on July 15th, 2023. This activity gathered 170 participants from the Guides and Scouts of Costa Rica, and school and high school stude...
22 d ago
Mud Spheres Festival by the Cruz River Citizen Water Observatory
The community of San Antonio Escazu in San Jose Province together with the Cruz River Citizen Water Observatory scheduled the two stages of its mud sphere festival on May 23rd, 2023, and the latter release of mud spheres treated with efficient microorganisms on June 11th, 2023 into the community'...
23 d ago
Thanks #Refi Medellin for your support! 👍
23 d ago
Good news 🍀 Congrats! #MercadoNFT is now listed on the Giveth projects page!
25 d ago
YouTube videos
We have create more youtube videos. Check them out here:
25 d ago
last day for support us on GG18
Please support our project on Gitcoin The round closes at noon UTC on Tuesday, Aug 29th (5am-8am in North America)
25 d ago
Web3 marketplace for public goods
Ecosystem for public goods creators and contributors? With rewards for regenerative practices? Tokens+NFT? Easy to use for general public? Our initiative -> to create MVP for web3 marketplace, pilot it and scale 🤓
26 d ago
3rd place and 2 days till the end of the round! Boost us 🚀
3rd place 🤩 and 2 days till the end of GG 18 round. Vote and boost us! Proud to be the second strongest ReFi DAO node on the Globe (according to current vote-ward data) after the strongest #deserved_to_be_first_place ReFi Medellin Thank you for the support ✊
28 d ago
Gitcoin Radio cohost ReFiPhangan! Join
Great news! We are going to co-host @gitcoin Radio with @jerri_nft and @luminaenvision! Let's discuss NFT as a part of web3 public good ecosystem Follow @SolarpunkGuild account for a fresh link on Space Set reminder for 27th of August 1400 ute i
29 d ago
Every year, the Temple is an independent and 100% volunteer-run art project. The Burning Man Temple grant covers only a small portion of the total Temple expenses (lumber, hardware, heavy equipment rental, trucking, food for builders, and more). The rest of the project is backed by a crowdfunding...
1 m ago
Cofiblocks es el nuevo negocio colaborativo que forma parte del ecosistema Cambiatus CofiBlocks es el primer Negocio Colaborativo de la comunidad cafetalera tradicional en Costa Rica y el mundo ☕ Negocio Colaborativo es un tipo de organización en la que clientes, productores y demás personas qu...
1 m ago
Quarterly Progress
During Q3, we achieved the following with a total of $5500 USD equivalent in funding: Completed our smart contracts for our Regenerative Action bounties protocol with Inverter Network. It will be used to reward Bloom Network members and their Local Bloom hub with our cooperative patronage token, ...
1 m ago
🐷Project Update: Embracing Our $100k Goal for Farm Revival🐷
Dear Supporters, We want to be completely open with you about our current progress. While our journey to revive our farm has been challenging, we're still in the early stages of raising funds. As of now, we haven't received any donations, but we remain steadfast in our commitment to our cause. We...
1 m ago
30 children school uniform through your donations on Giveth
We sew a new 30 school uniform for our pupils through the donations we received on the Giveth platform. Our primary school pupils will be wearing a different new school uniform when school resumes on 17th September. Our goal is to admit 100 vulnerable children to our school when school resumes on...
1 m ago
Helpers Foundation School Milestone
Our school graduation ceremony recorded a huge success. Seven pupils graduated in our Nursery 3 class and will be entering Primary 1 in September. We are grateful to everyone who helped us through their donations and other means to achieve this goal. Without the donations we received on Giveth an...
1 m ago
Thank you to those who've been kind
Hello, I've decided to take the time and express my thanks over these last several very hard and painful years. I have many good memories as well, and moments I'm proud of that my parents got to see as well. I know who I was then through the best times and who I am today after all the worst. I do...
1 m ago
Musicians Need Public Goods too!
Recently BOLTEVM has seen massive DeFi volume and Success on Pulsechain smart contract deployments, as a community we're committing to distributing free metaverse soundstages enabling artists to create and alter our datasets freely. This time around, we decided to giveaway a free M32 Komplete Kon...
1 m ago
Support us on Gitcoin!
We will be happy if you can support us on #GG18 in Gitcoin Our team believes that gameplay and an engaging story can be powerful tools for teaching real-world technology...
1 m ago
Vote 🗳️ for us on Gitcoin Grant 18!
Community ✊ Time has come to onboard local non-profits into web3 & #refi! 🌱 Let’s build ecosystem locally and expand globally 👷‍♀️🌏🌍🌎 • Ed • Eco • Tech Vote 🗳️ for us with your donation on @Gitcoin GG18 👇Let’s build together!
1 m ago
DeSpace QF on GG18!🚀
🚀Regens?!🌱 It's time to onboard Space Professionals into #refi! Let's get beyond Earth's orbit. Literally. 100% of the funds will go towards decentralized space exploration 🔭🛰️ Support us on @Gitcoin GG18 to launch the round in mid-Sept! 👩‍🚀
1 m ago
MoonDAO multisig for DONATIONS only on optimism
Hi all! As part of our application on Gitcoin's GG18 round we had to create a wallet on Optimism. Now it's added on Giveth!
1 m ago
GG18 community round!
Morning community 👋 We are on GG 18 Community Round with ReFi Phangan! Consider to support us with $1 or $2 donations. Let do good, public good ✊ Please confirm your Gitcoin passport before donate to trigger matching pool 🤘 Round is on Optimism -> almost 0 transaction fee https://explorer.gitco...